Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shellac Pedicure Wins!

Based on everyone's votes, it looks like I am getting the Shellac Pedicure. I can't wait! I made my appointment for June 22nd. It is a little ways away - but the lady I am going to see Kai of Kai's Kottage, here in Titusville, FL is booked for the next week and I have a friend already scheduled for the 22nd with her. So we are going to be getting our pedicures together. I can't wait!!!

The cool thing is that Kai is going to be attending a nail show this weekend so she may have some other cool ideas or options when we go in! I can't wait to find out about other new things that we can look forward to in the near future! She mentioned that she will be attending a training that will show them how to mix the existing Shellac colors to create new ones so there may be more color options for me. She also mentioned that she has even added glitter to the Shellac for manicures and pedicures! Now that is something I can see me getting!

Even if you don't live in the area - you may want to follow Kai's Kottage on twitter. She shows a lot of stuff she has done in her salon. 

So now I just have to anxiously await for the 22nd for my Shellac Pedicure. I can't wait!!!


  1. Glitter with Shallac - now THAT is awesome. I have been "meh" with Shallac because I'm not that fond of cremes. YAY!

  2. Please do report back. I am super super super curious about Shellac!

  3. I cannot wait till our appt.!!!!! :o) Have an awesome weekend - Hopefully, I will see you tonight - we're taking off shortly to go see MIL but should be back in time for the movie. xo