Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tons of Swatching Coming Your Way Soon

I have so much new polish right now it is like polish overload! First I received a box of goodies from Konadomania then my Zoya Exchange! Konadomania and I did a swap - some US Brands for some UK brands. We agreed to 8 polishes and any extras we wanted to throw in. Well let me just say I feel like I did not send enough for what I received. Look at all the goodies!

Then came my 15 polishes from the Zoya Exchange (crappy cell pic warning)
Apparently I was in a purple mood when I ordered my Zoya's - only one blue and NO greens! Weird huh?

Plus I have a few other things to show you as well. Did I mention I did a cheesy rainbow mani last night while watching the glee season finale? I tried it on one hand, I was so tired, it was not my best work - I took pics anyway and I will show those to you soon.

But today I take a break from showing you a swatched picture or anything else and I give you the anticipation of things to come. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see swatches! Which Zoya is that orange one at the end? I love orange!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of polish! Can't wait for the Zoya swatches! BTW I loooooove Glee!

  3. omg soo many nail polishess cant wait for ur swatch! :D

  4. Ooooh!! Look at all that stuff!! You lucky girl, you! LOL Can't wait to see the Zoya swatches. I'm all giddy waiting for my Zoya exchange package!

  5. Oh, look at those Zoyas :-0
    (I love "purple mood")

  6. What? no greens...ha ha ha, sometimes I get in a "color mood" too!

    Is "Adina" in there? or "Ibiza", they are must haves for for me :) Enjoy!

  7. Great minds think alike - I ordered 15 and I'm about to do another 15!! you can't beat those prices!! Great colors - can't wait to see your swatches!! (ponders the thought of a skittles mani!!)

  8. Jackie - no Adina here. I already have it. I will post it soon for you.

    Audrey - I want to order another 15 too! I am debating it!