Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zoya Marry & Brizia

I wasn't sure if I would share this story on here, but in the end I decided I would. I think it is such a great story and says a lot about Zoya and what an amazing company they are.

My oldest Daughter was watching Wizards of Waverly Place (a show on the Disney channel here) last week with her sisters. I was in the other room and she immediately called me in to the room to show me that there was a Zoya bottle of polish on the show. She yelled to me: "Ma! Come here - there is a bottle of Zoya polish on Wizards of Waverly Place!" Of course I come to the room and she excitedly rewinds it for me to show me. She was even more excited that she knew what brand it was based on the shape of the bottle. Yes it seems my nail obsession has infected my household. I don't have many Zoya polishes, but love all the ones I have. Actually it is the brand I get the most compliments on now that I think of it.  Fortunately thanks to the exchange 15 bottles will be mine real soon. I am anxiously waiting!

Anyway, back to my daughter's story. I tweeted about my daughter being excited that she recognized the bottle of polish. Would you believe that I received an email from Zoya offering to send my daughter a bottle of polish for free for recognizing the bottle on TV? Never in a million years would I have expected that! I was so surprised. And my daughter is so excited! She emailed them last night what color she wants. She told me it was a toss up between two colors. I wonder which one she picked? I guess we will let that be a surprise for now - I do know that it was a glittery green one since both colors she was looking at were glittery and green. So let's see.

Isn't that a cool story? I can't believe Zoya would do something that would make a 14 year old girl so happy. It is a small thing, but I bet they now have a customer for life! They already have me and now they have my daughter. I think that just speaks volumes for Zoya.

So of course that means today's manicure is a Zoya manicure! There is a local salon that carries Zoya. Unfortunately their grand Zoya display is only half way filled and mainly with nudes, pinks and reds. Zoya if you are reading this - please get more polish to Kaliana's Day Spa in Indian Harbor Beach, FL. They selection is suffering!

There were two bottles I instantly knew I had to have though. One of them was Marry. I didn't know what to expect from this bottle. I couldn't tell if it was going to be dark or light. But it was just so pretty. It applied lighter than the bottle and it is still so pretty. It is not quite a burgandy and not quite a pink. This is only two coats, I probably could have used a third, but I was in a hurry. And this is with no clean up - I need a new clean up brush, so all my mani's this week will be without clean up until I go get a new brush.

The other bottle I grabbed was Brizia. This is such a prettytaupish nude with  grey/blue shimmer. I have to admit, this one was so pretty in the bottle, I avoided trying it because I was afraid I was going to be disappointed with it. I was actually quite happy with it. I can't wait to wear it for a manicure.
These polishes just made me that much more antsy for my Zoya polishes from the exchange to get here!

I know that this has been a long post - but I just wanted to remind you guys to vote if you haven't already on whether I should get a Minx Manicure or a Shellac Pedicure. (I just realized if the pedi wins - I have to post pics of my feet!)


  1. Wow, that's awesome about Zoya! I hope your daughter picked out Charla :)

  2. So nice to hear about a nail polish company being nice, this is a refreshing change, and a reason I will stick with Zoya!!

  3. Wish we could get Zoya in the UK. ;o(

  4. That's such a nice story! I love to read things like that :) I just put on Zoya "Charla" today! I'm beginning to really like this brand...

  5. What a great story!! It's so cool that a company will go out of it's way to do something like that. I'm so glad I found Zoya through nail blogs like yours. I love the color of Marry. My skin is too fair to wear Brizia, but it's a pretty color.

  6. How cool is Zoya? I bet your daughter is so excited. Freebies are fun, no matter the age. Saw Zoya posted this on FB this morning too!
    I'm thinking Marry would have been bottle color with one more coat.

  7. That is way cool! :D Zoya is pure <3

  8. Go Zoya! They are great. They charged my card for my exchange yesterday - so it should only be another week at the most before my new Zoya's make it into my hands. YAY!

    Elizabeth - 4 coats? You know how I feel about 4 coats! HA! Maybe I will try it though to see.

  9. Did you see Zoya's blog mention of you?!?