Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bunch of Randomness

A lady I work with just returned from a vacation in Thailand and she brought me back some polishes she found during a visit to the Korean Markets. She said there were so many polishes, but she tried to pick the unusual bottles and glittery colors she thought I would like. How nice is that? Check out what she grabbed me! None of it is in English - so I couldn't tell you if these have names and if they do what they are called. 

I think I am going to have to make a feature called "Coco's Nails", because she loves taking pictures of her nails for me and having me put them on my blog. (Coco is my youngest daughter's nickname.) A future blogger in the making? Here is Coco with a skittle mani featuring some of the polishes from Korea.
Other than that - not much new here. Work is insanely busy right now - which is a good thing. Home life is equally busy. But of course busy means ignore everything and hit the beach with the kids after work. Why do I continue to ignore everything else. Um maybe because when you walk in the door and the kids want to go to the beach and your husband is telling you to go and he will cook dinner - you don't stop to think - you just grab your swimsuit and run? I mean really - what other choice did I have? 
I guess tonight is another night and I still have this weekend to get things done, right? Did I mention that we are driving home (from Florida to Massachusetts) next week for my brother's wedding? Oh yeah - we are! We are stopping along the way to visit with friends, so it should be good. I don't remember why we decided to drive rather than fly - but at the time it seemed like an awesome idea. Now not so much. But I will be blogging from the road - and bringing my nail stuff with me, so you guys get to take a road trip with us! WAHOO! Are you ready? I wonder if I can get Juan to come back through Atlanta so I can see a friend who lives there and while there maybe hit Transdesign? hmmm? What do you say Juan? 
(He's so going to kill me when he sees this! HA!)

Anyway since I am feeling so spunky (is that a word?) why not show an equally spunky color? This is from the ULTA Beauty Gems mini collection. It is called appropriately enough: Emerald. Not a huge stretch in naming these colors. This was opaque in two coats and it is a rich deep emerald color. It is absolutely stunning. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love the shape of the peach and gold nail polish bottles! So cute, and pretty colors to boot. :)

  2. Soo nice of her to think of you, those are really unusual. I would choose the beach too!

  3. Are those fake diors? I like the blue glittery one

  4. Those are some cool colors AND bottles!! The Dior glitters are pretty. That's a pretty Ulta color. Oh, and yea for posting funny pics of the hubs - good times! LOL

  5. Aww those Korean polishes look amazing!!

  6. @Zara They look really cool. I haven't trued them yet, but I can't wait.
    @Freshie I thought it was pretty nice of her too.
    @Anna - I was thinking the same thing! I think they are!
    @Megan Yeah Juan is a good sport. He ribbed me a little, but he was OK with it. Although I waited for him to read my blog and see it. I didn't ask for permission. HA!
    @Rebecca - I can't wait to try them!