Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cleaning Out My Polish

My polish stash is getting out of control. I am not one to save things, so why I started saving all this polish is beyond me. It is time for me to get rid of some of this polish. So there are two things I am doing. 1st I added a sidebar column for any polish I have for sale. Check it out and if you are interested in any of the polish, leave a comment or email me. 2nd I figure I will do a Cleaning Out My Polish Give-Away! Most of these are used. If it is anything different I will let you know.

So what are the rules of this give-away? You must be a follower for 1 entry, If you tweet about it, you get 1 entry for each tweet, If you post it on your blog you get 1 entry and if you post it in your sidebar you get 1 entry, and mentioning the give-away through another web medium will get you 1 entry as well. Easy enough right? Just fill out the google doc at the bottom of this post. Comment entries will not be accepted.  International entries are accepted. Because I will be fairly busy over the next few weeks, this contest will run through the entire month of July. I will end the contest on July 31st at 11:59PM EST.

Now on to the prizes!

1st Prize will receive 25 polishes!
The polishes are as follows:
Superstar: It Girl Orange, Walk the Red Carpet, Guccie Green, Golden Globe & Park Ave Purple
Isadora: Colibri
KM: Purple Bloom
Sinful: Tokyo Pearl
Sally Hansen: Fire Opal, Star Opal & Pardon My French
WNW: Copa, Bora Bora, Barbados, Shield
China Glaze: Code Orange & Matte Magic
Rimmel: 660 Climax
Revlon: Red Hot Tamale
Nina Ultra Pro: Purple X-ing
Maybelline: Crimson
NFU-Oh: 12
Goldie: 2 unnamed polishes
Zoya: Reece

2nd Prize:
Studio M Purple Medallion, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, Matte Magic Mini and a brand new CND Cuticle Eraser

3rd Prize:
Borghese Glitter mini, Essence Top Coat (new), Essence Break Through, Essence Pool Party and a brand new CND Solar Oil mini.

Edited post  to add:

Dashing Diva is having an awesome sweepstakes on their website!

You have to check it out. Entry ends on July 4th! The Sweepstakes is called: "Who Made You a Diva?" and you can nominate up to 3 nail salons in your area and each nomination gets you a separate entry. There is one grand prize ($500 worth of Dashing Diva polishes/nail treatments), 2 first place prizes ($250 value) and 50 second place prizes ($50 value). WOW! Can you imagine winning one of these prizes? To enter go to the Dashing Diva website: or straight to the entry form at While your at their site, check out their polish collection and start plotting what you'll get if you win! Good Luck!


  1. Hey, just a question I hope you can answer for me - how did you get the google doc to be incorporated into your blog post for something like this? I'd appreciate learning from you! Thanks!

    prettyindayton at gmail dot com
    (if you can get back to me with the answer)

  2. I'm gonna have to get busy on this one! Great idea for a giveaway (and to thin out the collection - I bet my hubs would be on board with me doing this one).

  3. @Megan HarmeyerYeah Juan was all over this one! He thinks I have way to many bottles. I have to agree I was over 500 bottles! YIKES! I was keeping them for comparison's, but Scrangie & Little Music Boxes do the best comparisons, I can't top them!

  4. You do good comparisons too, though! I think this is such a great idea for a giveaway, I've often thought about doing that also.

  5. HI Pretty momma! How do I add the contest to my sidebar.. I have you as blogs to follow on the sidebar. Does that count? THANKS!!!

  6. I posted on my blog and tweeted!

  7. I don't know if I already entered but I entered (maybe again) I'm not sure. I hope I didn't enter twice but if I did I'm sorry

  8. Great idea, and pretty polishes!!!

  9. hello i'm french, and I find your blog very interesting!!
    i participe to the give away and hope win !

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  12. Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks!!! :)

  13. Ah, I submitted the form before I filled everything out :'D. Whoops.

    Anyways, I love your blog, and even though I'm a newcomer to your blog and I'm not a huge commenter, I think you're very generous for giving away so many things xD. I'm going to resubmit a form because I didn't completely fill it out the first time so here's an apology in advance :).

  14. Hi! I'm new here and what a surprise to see that you're giving your readers a chance to win some of your fabulous nail polishes! I submitted my entries. :)

    Thanks so much!

  15. Great giveaway!

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