Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Juan, the Rockstar!

Ladies Ladies Ladies!  Good morning to you all... this is your guest blogger Juan (aka Maria's husband).  After a gruelling 12 hour workday, followed by an exhausting evening of beginning the packing process for our upcoming drive along the Atlantic Coast, Maria was truly "tuckered out".  So, I offered to do today's blog post for her.  I figured, "Hey.  I've got skills in the writing department!  I can do this!"  Now, if I could only think of something to say...

As the minutes go by, I struggle to determine the right topic for this post.  Heck, as the saying goes, a first impression is a lasting impression, and this will be your first impression of me.  Talk about pressure!  The good thing is, no one knew I was going to be writing today, so it's not like you've got expectations.    Well, here goes nothing!

I've sat and watched Maria knock out post after post of this blog for months and I find myself wondering where she gets the motivation for each individual post.  Life's events drive some, family occurrences are the kindling wood for others, yet her passion is the catalyst for all of them.  Some how, some way, they all lead back to what she loves.  So I think now, what's my passion?  That's easy... music!

I've been playing guitar for many years and often end up in bands wherever we are stationed with the military.  Music is my motivation.  There are days where all I can think of is getting the work day done, getting the kids situated at the house, pouring a glass of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and strumming some tunes on the six string!  I equate this to doing nails in that it's my release.  Whenever I'm playing, I feel so far removed from reality.  I feel powerful and vulnerable, at the same time.  But mostly, I feel creative.  Music allows me to express myself.  I can show my mood simply by the songs I chose to sing!  Lately, I've put the electric guitar down and have been playing lots of acoustic (think Jack Johnson).  It's just so relaxing.. and living in Florida, what better to do with a warm summer night than sit back and jam!  

Though I'm currently not in a band, writing this I can't help but feel the desire to do so.  Being on stage is invigorating!  At my previous assignment, the band I was in played out a few times and got tremendous reactions.  I tell you all, I've missed my calling!  I love that feeling!  Not that I'm a center-of-attention type person (which I totally am), but having all eyes in the room watching you play is surreal!  It makes you feel so alive!  You find yourself acting like a rockstar...even if there are only 100 people watching!!   It's impossible to describe unless you've been there, but believe me.. it's awesome!!!  Unfortunately for me, as the assignments come to an end, so does the music.  Whenever we move, the first thing I do is find out who the local musicians are and start jamming.  It's something I can not live without.  It's my gold!

Here's a picture of me acting foolish for the camera.  As I said... acting like a rockstar!  I even gave myself a two horned mohawk to add to my "image" for the night! 

Enough about me...right?  Bring on the polish Juan!  That's what you're all thinking... well, since I said music is my gold, Maria thought it appropriate to show you Nubar's Gilded Gold.  Since polish is NOT my area of expertise, by any means, I'll refrain from adding any comments.. I'll leave that to y'all!   

I'd like to thank you all for putting up with my rambling today.  I've got to admit, I was nervous!  That hasn't happened to me since I took a Speech class in college!!!  I hope you've enjoyed the post.  But, most importantly, thanks to all of you for supporting R3 Daily.  I know Maria's passion for this blog has been immeasurable from day one, and your support and dedication is what continues to drive her!!!!  Take care, everyone!  And who knows, maybe one day I'll get invited back to guest blog again!  Fortunately for you all, Maria doesn't get this tired all that often....


  1. I love this post! You should guest blog more often :)

  2. I thought you had already left for your trip.. hope you and the family have a safe one and tons of fun. Thanks for the fun post - cute idea!

  3. Great guest post! You two are so sweet, my teeth are falling out! lol I love this blog so much ^.^

    Ooh a subtle flakey gold. I wonder what it looks like layered over something dark :D

    Hope you and your family have an awesome trip! Be safe and enjoy!

  4. Ahahaha Awesome post!

    I think I need that Nubar polish. *adds to list*

  5. Awww, very sweet of you filling in for Maria. Maybe next time you can do some men's polish pics, lol. Don't be nervous, we are friendly

  6. Fabulous guest blog! We all know our passion and that's so IMPORTANT! I'm glad yours is music because its so versatile and such a great way to "get it all out"! Please guest blog again! :)

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone. Juan has been reading them all day. He really did a great job. When he offered to do my post for me, I was just so happy to have a day off. Wahoo! I didn't know what he was going to write - then while I was at work today it kept bugging me not knowing what he said. I was finally able to read his post this afternoon. I will have to let him to this for me again.