Friday, July 30, 2010

My Brother's Wedding, Outfit of the Day & Makeup Review...

As you all know by now I am visiting my family in MA and the reason for the visit was my brother's wedding. I finally have a minute to sit down and post some pictures. His wedding focused on the vows, all the other fluff was removed. There were no attendants or center pieces, or grand anything. They focused on becoming husband and wife and sharing a great night with family and friends. Great food, great music, great time.  I have to say it was the best wedding I have ever been to. We didn't get to bed until 4 in the morning. The wedding was at a campground and they reserved several cabins so we could have a bonfire and continue the party after the reception. Everyone brought coolers with drinks and they provided hot dogs and smores for the after party. The above picture is of the lodge at the campground. This was where the reception was held. Simple and elegant. 
My brother and his wife. Gorgeous!

Dinner - Yum!!!

My outfit of the Day. I found this dress at a boutique in St Augustine and just had to have it. It was a casual wedding, so I thought this would be perfect. I did make one little change though. The dress is extremely low cut, so  I went out and bought some fabric and made a little insert that I attached to the dress so I wouldn't be a boobie show for my bro's wedding. (I took some pictures, so if you want me to post a how to, just let me know.) I saw this dress and fell in love - price tag be damned. It cost $72. So that was an unthrifty moment for me. So worth it if you ask me!

Everyone wore lei's for the wedding. The family did walk down the aisle and stand to either side of the bride and groom. No specific color schemes, nothing, just whatever we wanted to wear. It still came out beautiful. As you can see the shoes I wore are my awesome $9.50 Old Navy sandals! Can you imagine wearing these to a wedding? AWESOME!

I forgot to take pictures of my nails! Of all things right? I cropped out my nails from the picture above. I wore Zoya Maura.

Since I knew it was going to be a long night, I had to figure something out to make my makeup last all night. I went to Ulta and one of the Sales Associates there recommended Urban Decay All Nighter. It is a spray that is suppose to set your makeup for 16 hours. It retails for $29. I bought it at Ulta, but I know Sephora also carries it.

 I wear tinted moisturizer and usually I get about 4 or 5 hours of wear before I have to touch up. I hate it, but I need some coverage and can't stand foundation, so I deal. I had high hopes for UD All Nighter, but I brought my makeup bag with me just in case.  I did my makeup around 2pm. Let's see how it held up, shall we?

Here I am around 4pm. So just a few hours after makeup application. It was about 90 degrees out! 

Here I am with Juan towards the end of the reception. This was just before 11pm. Makeup still looks pretty good if you ask me! I was seriously impressed with this stuff at this point.

This is a horrible picture - but by this point I forgot I wanted to keep up on taking pictures of how my makeup held up. This is the after reception party in the campground. This was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2AM. I have two drinks in my hand, a glow necklace on, and my bra is hanging out! Terrible! (Look at the guy passed out behind me! Too funny!) But the makeup is still in place! Seriously LOVE this stuff! A new addiction has been born. The other day I didn't use it and Juan took pics of me around 5 in the evening and it looks like I have no makeup on! UGH! I have been using it religiously since.

I wish I had Juan take a picture of me the morning after. My makeup was still in tact! With only 3+ hours of sleep, it wasn't a top priority. But I did get a picture of everyone waking up and meeting back up at the campsite the morning after. My Sister In Law's sister came with coffee and donuts. So nice of her! I have more pictures of the night, but I won't show them here! HA! 

Well today is our last day home before we begin our trek back to FL tomorrow morning. I hope you enjoyed my non nails related post today! I will be on Twitter and Facebook while we drive home. Feel free to join me there. Have a great weekend!


  1. great outfit, polish and tattoo! you should do a tattoo post ;)

  2. ooh i really like your makeup and outfit! and the bride & groom's outfits as well :)

    i agree w/ Crystaliciousss, you should do a tattoo post!