Saturday, July 17, 2010

Off To a Slow Start

I wanted to sleep in and knew that wasn't an option. So what happened? I woke up around 6:30 this morning and decided it is Saturday I am sleeping in until 8:00 at the very least. Needless to say I woke up again at 7:00 and then I tried to force myself back to sleep. Finally I decided that I might as well just wake up since I can't sleep and it was 8:40! YIKES! So now after going through Bee's suitcase and making a checklist of what she is bringing I need to rush and get ready for the day. So much for getting a few loads of laundry done before taking off for the day! Although admittedly I don't know if I am going to go with Juan to drop Bee off. It is 3 hours each way - I could so use that time getting things done around here. So I have an hour to decide if I am going or not. Let's see what happens. I can't believe my daughter is choosing to leave us for a week! The one who would call us crying to come back home when we sent her to our parents for a few weeks each summer. She would miss us so intensely that she never wanted to go again. Of course the next summer would come and she would get so excited to go and then get there and cry. Now she is choosing to go stay with a friend in another state for a week. How fast they grow! 

I guess she is finally getting used to the military way of life. You make friends, they become like family and you eventually have to travel to other states just to see them. Which is why we are driving to MA next week. My brother is getting married and my husbands family is having a huge reunion, so we are taking the opportunity to stop and visit old friends along the way. We actually were able to find someone to not just watch the dogs, but to stay at our place while we are gone, which is awesome! So my house won't be vacant while we are gone. Which really, I live in military housing, so it would be fine if it was empty - but I really like this idea of hiring a house sitter. This is really great!

Anywhoo, enough with my daily ramblings, I really need to go get ready! But first a review.  I recently saw this Seche product while at Sally's called Seche Ultra-V. It is a top coat that requires a UV light to dry. I decided since I already have a UV light, I would give this a try. (Sally's also sells a small battery operated Seche brand UV light for about $25 for use with this top coat.) 

I wore it over Color Club Ms Socialite. I picked this up at Ross in one of the CC kits. The application was thick and goopy. Makes me wonder if these are fakes. Regardless of the crappy polish formula the Seche Ultra-V dried within 3 minutes on each hand beautifully. It is sooo shiny.

I don't think I got the best application of this because the polish was so thick. In person it looks perfectly shiny, in the pictures it looks like I might actually need a second coat of the Ultra-V. My main interest in this is to see if I can get Seche Vite quick drying time without the thickening issues I get when my Vite starts to run low. If I have to do two coats, that will defeat the purpose. On the plus side - no shrinkage with this one and the mani did last a bit longer before tip wear. But since I can't go more than a few days with a color, I didn't really give this one a true test drive. I'll have to give it another try again soon.


  1. Aww I remember when I would get excited about sleepovers but then get homesick too lol.

    Pretty color :D And is it just me or does your pinky look the shiniest?

  2. Good luck with all the running around you are/will be doing! I love that purple.