Thursday, July 29, 2010

OPI DS Diamond

I spent about 45 minutes this morning writing my post today and hated it. So here I am starting over. It had to be the worst post ever written. We have just two more days at home and then we start our drive back to FL. I am so not ready to go back to work. Boo! I want more time off! Well I have been working each morning a little so I am not totally behind when I get back to work on Monday. But that does take a little bit away from the vacation when you have to do that. Unfortunately, just because I take vacation, doesn't mean my job does. So I could leave it, but then I end up working 10 - 12 hour days just to catch up. So I am doing just enough to keep me at the 8-10 hour range when I get back. I am working anywhere from just 1 - 3 hours each morning while the kids are sleeping, and I think that is just enough where I won't go back and be stressed from taking a vacation. We were planning on taking the girls to the beach today, but it looks like it is going to be a rainy day. We are visiting my grandma today too, so I guess that is OK. My brother's and their families will be here tonight, so we get to hang with them. Unfortunately my allergies are driving me nuts in my mom's house, and I feel like crap. I am going to take some medicine and get ready and leave her house for as long as possible today. Hopefully that helps keep my allergies at bay. 

Today's NOTD is OPI DS Diamond. This is suppose to be holographic, but it was just subtly holographic in my opinion. And even worse, it photographed even less holographic than it was in person. Inside it barely is more than just holographic glitter. Here is an indoor shot.

It is a bit more holographic with a flash, but not much.

Outside is where you can really notice the holographic properties of this color. And as you can see it is still quite subtle. When I wear a holographic color, I want it to be hugely holographic. 

But overall with my expectations aside this is a very pale pink/purple color and it is very pretty.  It took two coats and applied easily, so no complaints there. But I really wish I got just a bit more bling from this one. 


  1. Booo for end of vacation! That's a pretty color but it's a shame it's not more holo - especially since their other holos are much better.

  2. BEEEAUTIFUL. Damn you're a fantastic painter. Id have that stuff halfway up my knuckle.

  3. I hope your allergies get much better soon! Diamond looks pretty, but it's too bad it's not more holographic - from pictures I've seen, the other DS polishes are much more "blingy."