Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Warning: Feet!

Before we get to the feet - first I will show you my daughter's Birthday nails! How cute are they? Ha! 

Now on to the feet! HA! The time finally came to remove the Minx/Shellac pedicure. It has been just under 3 weeks. (It would have been 3 weeks today and I removed it last night.) The only reason I removed it is because the Minx started lifting just a tiny bit on one toe. But I have to say I was incredibly impressed with Minx. I have heard that they only last a few days. Well I love taking long baths and I take one almost every night and let's not even talk about how often I have been to the beach in the last 3 weeks! I was extremely impressed with both products. Perhaps it was the skilled application I received. Who knows! Here is a picture at just under 3 weeks while I am warming up the Minx with a blow dryer to prep it for removal.

Once the Minx gets warm, you can gently peel it off going from one side to the other. (Check out the old blow dryer! It has to be at least 5 or 6 years old! I keep it in the bathroom downstairs in case I have to touch up and don't feel like going upstairs! I know - lazy!)

Now on to the Shellac removal. This is remarkably easy. First I coat around my nails with some CND Solar Oil.

Then I soak a cotton ball with acetone and place it on my toes and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then sit back for about 5 minutes with my alien toes. 

Using an orange wood stick, gently scrap off the Shellac. (Check out that orange wood stick! It has been around a franken or two!)

Once it is all removed, you have this! No damage from either product! You can see the shavings on my carpet. I guess I better break out the vacuum. 

Now on to the next pedi! I found some soak off gel polish by Star Nails online. You would be surprised how many other companies claim to have soak off gel polish! The packaging on this product is different. Only the top coat comes in what looks like a polish bottle. (mine leaked in transit) The rest comes in typical gel containers. Other than this - the instructions for application and removal are EXACTLY the same as CND Shellac. The price for 4 colors, a base coat and 2 top coats with shipping was about $30. When I looked at Shellac online it was about $16 a bottle for the Base coat, the top coat and the color. So this is significantly cheaper than CND's product. Both of these products are suppose to be professional only. Not sure why though. They seem simple enough. Maybe because I used to do my own gel nails?

First you start by applying a thin layer of the clear base coat.

Originally I was going to wear Flamingo - the pink color you see in the first picture. But then I decided I was going to wear Plum Passion. It is a darker purple with a subtle shimmer to it. 

My daughter was taking the pictures for me and at this point she decided that pictures of the dogs would be more fun to take. This is Sid - the old lady of the house.

This is Teeny, the baby. She is about a year and a half now. Oh and my daughters Topsy Turvey that she needs to put away! 

OK - back to the pedicure. Well this applied a little thinner than a traditional gel. But obviously much thicker than a polish. When I was getting the shellac - it appeared to apply like a polish. So I think their formula is more polish than the Star Nails. I also had pooling around the cuticles issues applying this. But I corrected that on the next foot. I accidentally misread the directions and wiped the sticky layer off the base coat. Well apparently that helps the color adhere and not run, since I didn't have a pooling problem on the other foot. I did two coats of color. The first coat went on really sheer, but the second took care of that. Here is the end result. I am hoping I can get 3 weeks out of this one too. I hate having to paint my toenails. I think with a bit more practice, I can get the hang of this! I wish Shellac wasn't a salon only product, I think I would pay the $16 per bottle to have this at home for pedicures. Then again, I want more selection, so maybe I will just use a gel polish top coat over my own polish next time and see how it works. 


  1. I just peeled my off on Sun. after the beach.. no heat necessary but it had been lifting on both feet. We went to the zoo and the pool twice last week. Good stuff! Great post!

    Check this site out, too. Pretty neat! http://www.mombloggersclub.com/

  2. I work with Cuccio Naturalé Soak Off Gels, weird, the packaging is exactly the same as the brand you use! (star nail?)
    I love the purple pedi!

  3. Hmmm...sounds easy enough. Your pedi looks good!

  4. Nice, I like that color! I don't like painting my toenails either because it always ends up messily for me.

  5. That's a great pedi color! It doesn't seem like it would be too hard, either.

  6. awesome :) i like the colour you have on your fingernails, which one are you wearing?

  7. You can do the Shellac at home. You can buy everything you need on ebay. Right now the base coat is in short supply though so it is hard to find. There are also some beauty supply stores that don't require a license that sell the Shellac. I ordered all of the Shellac products and just got my lamp today and am going to Shellac myself at home tonight!

  8. @ Leslie - My Minx would not budge - Kai really got it on there good! I'll check out that website. Thanks!
    @manicure time - from what I saw online, they all seem to be in the same style containers except the new CND Shellac from what I could find.
    @Megan it wasn't as easy as I thought - but still easy enough.
    @Zara - I agree. I am definitely not as neat on my toes as I am on my hands.
    @Danielle - thanks. It is a melon coral cross color I will post a bit later on. Stay tuned!
    @Amanda - I am not an ebay fan, but I may do a bit more looking, I did see some places I could get it at, so I may just so I can compare application. But that is a pretty big expense just to test application difference. But hey has that ever stopped me before? HA!