Friday, July 2, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

First - a word of advice. DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES cut your hair right after you wake up, especially if it is still dark outside! Yup, that is what I did this morning! I have lived here in FL for two years now and have not been to a salon in the entire time. I know, I need to find a stylist, but that is not an easy task for someone as picky as myself. But because I am a walking contradiction, I have been cutting my own hair for the last two years. I feel like if I make a mistake, at least I didn't pay anyone for it. With YouTube, there are so many videos out there to show you how to cut your hair. I think I am OK at it. Well I have been thinking I need to touch up the layers, but I just haven't had a chance. Well after staying up too late with my in-laws who are visiting(because they are awesome), and being exhausted this morning and not being able to get my hair to cooperate. I pulled out some layers from the front and chopped. OMG! I cut them way to short! They might as well be bangs now! WTF was I thinking? I had no time to sit there and fix it since I had to get my post up and get to work. The sun isn't even up for crying out loud! What was I thinking? (I must have said this 100 times this morning!) I think I made them work for the day, but with my in-laws in town, I don't know if I am going to have the time to fix this until after they leave. Aaaaahhhhhh! Here is what I did this morning. Excuse the disappointed & tired early morning face.

OK, so this picture doesn't make the hair look bad. (crappy cell phone pic) This seems to make it look pretty nice actually. Which only makes me sound bad. But this was after much styling. Believe me! It does not look this good in person. If you look closely, The "bangs" should not be bangs. They are suppose to be just below the nose layers. Um yeah, apparently I have no clue where my nose it since these came out just below the eye instead! The next set of layers are around chin length, so it is like these short bang like layers, then nothing until my chin. I'll have to shorten the rest of the layers to match, which is so not what I was wanting right now. Oh well.

So I was going to post a Shellac update today or a tea wrap repair, but I guess those will have to wait since I just spent my blog time talking about my hair. But I won't leave you nailless this morning. How about this cute 4th of July manicure my daughter did. I found the pictures on my camera. She is so cute taking pictures of her nails now just like her momma! Unfortunately I don't know what colors she used. Sorry.


Hope you all have a great hair day and Friday! By the way if you haven't entered my "Cleaning Out My Polish" give-away, don't forget to enter. I will post a link to it in my side bar this weekend. Right now my behind needs to get in gear and get to work! Later!


  1. Your hair looks beautiful to me and dd nails looks so cute! :D

  2. I think your hair is great ;)

  3. I see nothing wrong with your hair - I think it looks great! And your daughter's mani is cute.

  4. I swear the hair doesn't look that good in person! That picture makes my hair look awesome, darn camera - when I want it to make me look better - it doesn't. When I want it to show the truth it makes me look better. HA! It looks great up top, but then there is a "flat" gap between the top layers and the bottom layers. Once I fix that I think I will be fine. It just isn't what I was going for.I guess I should stop complaining - it could be worse right?

  5. Maybe you cut your hair into a sleepy-sexy bedroom look - it looks great in the photo. Maybe that's its new style. Don't sweat it, I think we often look too harshly at ourselves in the mirror. Happy weekend!