Thursday, August 26, 2010

If You Were My Alex & Ani Bracelets, Where Would You Be?

Here's another late post for you guys. It has been the most hectic week! We have had open houses for all three of our kids over the last three days! Talk about no time for anything else! Anyway onto today's post.

As most of you know I got three awesome Alex & Ani bracelets for my birthday. I have worn them every day since I got them, with the exception of when I am cleaning or taking a shower. What you might not know is that I tend to put things in "safe places" when I don't want to lose them. Unfortunately my safe places are so safe, I tend to forget where they are. I have put my bracelets in a safe place and now they are gone! I am so bummed! My wrist already feels naked and lost without them. I have been looking for them since Monday. I have re-traced my steps from Sunday night, but it hasn't helped. I was cleaning the kitchen and took them off, that I remember. But then I also remember taking them off when I cleaned the bathroom and when I took a bath. So which was the last time I took them off and where did I leave them? My kids have offered up all my usual hiding places, but nope they are not there. I REALLY want to find them!

Unfortunately this is the way of my life. I misplaced my diamond earrings over two years ago, by putting them in a safe place and I haven't found them since. Now why in the world would I have not locked them in my jewelry box? I don't know, maybe cause that would make too much sense! Once I lost where I put the iPod I bought for my daughter for Christmas and I had to go out on Christmas Eve to get a new one. I ended up finding that iPod over a month later right before Valentine's Day. Another year I lost the Nintendo DS I bought for one of my daughters only to find it after Christmas, when we were putting the decorations away. Not wanting to repeat the iPod scenario I put the DS in the decorations knowing that once we took the tree down, the DS would be found. I actually did this knowing I would lose it! Isn't that crazy? So now my new Alex & Ani bracelets have been added to the things I lost list. Maybe they are hanging out with the diamond earrings somewhere?

On the bright side, I recently swatched OPI Lucerne - tainly Look Marvelous. This is very similar to China Glaze Jitterbug, but it has a bit of a subtle green hue and takes three coats for coverage. I think I like Jitterbug better. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures of this one since they didn't come out well. I was planning on redoing them, but it has been a hectic week and my SpaRitual Precocious manicure still looks perfect. But perfect or not I will be changing this manicure tonight.
OPI Lucerne - tainly Look Marvelous. 

Here is a comparison of China Glaze Jitterbug vs. OPI Lucerne - tainly Look Marvelous. LLM is on the middle and pinky fingers. Jitterbug is on the index and ring fingers.


  1. It's so crazy how many dupe-y colors have come out in all of the big brands fall lines! Thanks for the comparison...not sure which one I'll be picking up :D

    p.s. I think you mean "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" since Yodel Me On My Cell is Blue :)

  2. It's like you read my mind - I was wondering what the OPI & China Glaze gunmetal/silver shades would like look next to each other. Thanks for the comp!!
    If I were your bracelets, I'd be in your bathroom under the sink or in the medicine cabinet? If you used cleaning gloves for the kitchen or bathroom, they could be with your gloves? I hope you find them :)

  3. @Kathleen - you are so right. Can you tell how tired I am? I corrected it now! Thanks!

    @Andi Your welcome. Not in the bathroom. Hmm maybe I should check one of the other two bathrooms though....

  4. I do the same thing! i recently misplaced my favorite clear mascara. I remember using it in my room on Sunday for a family function, but I cannot place it!! did i leave it in my room? nope. did I put it back in the washroom? nope. is it in my makeup bag? NOPE! Maybe it fell and rolled under something ... I'll have to tear my room apart when I get home from work :(

  5. My mum is like that :) She keeps hiding things and forgetting the places. Once she hid quite a lot of money in an old jacket and then, after forgetting about it, gave it to charity.