Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Intro into EvilShades...

First and foremost - I posted the winners of my Cleaning Out My Polish Giveaway last night. Check it out to see who the winners are.

When I came home from vacation, there was an awesome package waiting for me. I was really hoping that the mail Gods would shine on me and deliver my package before we left on vacation, but I placed the order just 3 days before going, so I knew it wouldn't happen. So the entire time I was on vacation, I knew the package had to be sitting on my counter waiting for me. So even though I was completely exhausted, I ripped open the package and proceeded to drool. Now which polish could it be you ask? Well - it wasn't polish at all actually!  EvilAngel from the Black Nail Polish & Lip Gloss blog also the creator and owner of Evil Shades Cosmetics. Since I love her blog and her nails, I had to place an order and test her out. I wore her blush in Pinup today and it stayed on like a champ! I also wore her lipstick in Devilista, but I spread it on with my finger to make it have a more stained effect. I have been looking for a lip stain that works for me forever and I accomplished it with this. I was so excited. After a long car trip and looking all dogged, this made me feel better. Unfortunately I don't have an pictures yet, but once I get some sleep and back on track I plan on doing a face of the day with her products. Another thing I love is that Evil Angel is a woman just like me trying to create an amazing future for herself and her loved ones. By the quality of the products I received it is obvious that she cares and is dedicated to her craft of making quality cosmetics. And as a blogger whom I love following, it just makes it that much more amazing watching her succeed. So when I found out she had her own line, I immediately made a purchase. I ordered the Large Gift Set which comes with your choice of 3 eye shadows, 2 wicked gloss' and 1 Deviant lipstick. I paid $16 for the gift set, but I noticed when I looked at her site last night she was having a sale and the large gift set was on sale for $14.50. I can't guarantee that they are still on sale, but even for $16 getting all those items is just friggin awesome! If you are a makeup fanatic, you have to try her out. OK so enough of me blabbing about my latest find. I will post pictures soon I promise. I know, I know, I should have held this post until I had pics. I suck! I know! But I just couldn't wait. If you have tried her stuff already, I would love to hear your thoughts and what you tried. Do you know of any other bloggers who have their own business? Are you one? If so leave me a comment. I love finding new stuff!

OK so, on to my NOTD. This is Sephora by OPI Ms. Can't Be Wrong. This polish is deceiving. At first glance it looks like a berry creme, but it has this small micro shimmer that flashes from pink to almost blue. I think this color is pretty dupable, but it still remains one of my favorites when I want something a bit more subtle. It actually is a color I tend to wear on my toes a lot though. I find it weird that I have different favorites for my toes than my hands, but that is just who I am I guess. This was perfect in two coats. I don't own a lot of Sephora by OPI polishes, but every time I take one out, I think I need to get more. If only there was a Sephora near me! 


  1. I swear you and I are simpatico! I placed my sample order about the same time and got mine yesterday...I got home and played and played. Wearing Devil's Bonfire to line my eyes and Bane on my lips. I'm not one for lipstick much...but I LOVE this color!

  2. I haven't used any EvilShades makeup yet, but I really want to...I've heard from many people that they are great quality.

  3. I have the same frame of thought....there are some colors I wear on my toes that I don't like on my hands and vice versa.

    This is sooo pretty! Definitely on my lemming list.

  4. @Elizabeth That is so funny! We are totally in sync on the makeup thing. & if I remember correctly we have been in sync with our polishes on more than one occasion! So cool!

    @Zara you need to try it. The blush lasted all day. I am seriously impressed!

    @BBB Glad to see it isn't just me! I just put another berry color on my toes tonight. I can be so predictable sometimes!