Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New York, New York...

Guess where I got to go while I was in New York?

I think I may have already mentioned where I went, but play along anyway. HA! I know I mentioned it on Twitter anyway. So since your playing along, do you need a closer look?

What an awesome door for such an unassuming building. Still need more?

Excuse the crappy picture of me. Just keep in mind we were in the car for 11 hours the day before this picture was taken and then we stayed up late sharing some drinks with old friends and were on the road early the next morning and this is after 4 more hours in the car. With that in mind, not to shabby right? Ha! So can you see the sign? Do you need a closer look?

Oh yeah - That's right, I went to Rescue Beauty Lounge to pick out a polish or two in person! It was so great getting to see the polishes all in person vs. online. I found one that I never heard of and isn't listed online. Which I found strange because I instantly gravitated towards this color when I saw it. The light hit the bottle just right and you could see the shimmer throughout this one. She had several of this one too, so who knows, maybe it is just a discontinued one or something? It is called Noisette. Anyone ever heard of it? Well here it is...

This is a perfect brick color with an amazing golden shimmer shining through. However it took 2 - 3 coats. WHA? An RBL that needs more than 1 - 2 coats? Yuppers - I was bummed. $18 for 2 - 3 coats depending on the nail. Boo!  But then I looked at the color and I thought - yup OK, LOVE it! But if I find out there is a cheaper dupe, i'll be crushed. 

Before I go for the day, I have a funny story about taking these pictures. I was staying with my in-laws when I did my nails. They already know my crazy secret obsession with doing my nails and about my blog. While I was there in my pj's, hair all over the place, and no makeup on, my in-laws neighbor came over asking if he could park his car in front of their house as they were having work done in their yard and had to move their cars out of their drive way. And here my mother in-law is introducing me to this guy, while I am a hot mess. No, I wasn't concerned because it was a guy - I wouldn't want to meet anyone looking like this! (Someone took a picture of me doing my nails while being a hot mess and I would post it if my in-laws weren't so clearly in the photo.) But regardless, as if that wasn't enough, about 15 minutes later I step outside to take the pictures and 4 pictures in, I hear a voice behind me say: "Um drying your nails outside?" I turn to look and it is the neighbor again! UGH! So here is my lame attempt to save face for being caught taking pictures of my nails: "Actually, I am working. I have to review this polish and take photos of it and then post it online. So I am working right now." OK so it is a little white lie, but OH MY GAWD!! I got caught taking pictures of my nails! I must have looked like a nut to this guy. I can only imagine what he went home and told his wife. "That girl gets paid to do her nails and take pictures." Ha! If only he knew.


  1. Oh my, I love that color! Funny story.

  2. dont worry dear, you still look beautiful!

  3. Noisette is so nice! I wonder if they will sell more? I kinda like it even though most of these types of colors look horrible on me.

  4. Noisette looks gorgeous! The only similar color I can think of is Zoya Salma, but I don't think they're anywhere near dupes.

  5. @FaithJ. I know the color is great. It is kind of retro in a way, but I am a sucker for shimmers. I see using this one in the Fall a lot.
    @Lelila Aw thanks - you are too kind.
    @BBB She has more in the store, just not online for some reason. I imagine you can call and order it over the phone though.
    @Zara I'll have to take a look at that color just to compare. It is pretty unique to what I have seen out there.

  6. I love that color and the tunic you are wearing standing in front of the shop, it's super cute.