Monday, August 16, 2010

Revlon Street Wear Jelly vs. Chanel Paradoxal

Another weekend gone. Where does the time go? I had so much that I wanted to do and I feel like I only got through about half of what I had planned. Every weekend I think the same thing. As each weekend ends I wonder if I should just take a vacation day or two to get things done. But the reality is my vacation time is pretty much accounted for already, so that isn't even an option. I think I will wake up and go from start to finish, but really there just isn't enough time. 

Here's the thing, I work full time during the week and have three kids and a husband. Juan and I split our duties pretty well and he is awesome about picking up my slack. As I sit here and write this post he is matching and folding socks. Yup be jealous, not only does he help with the housework, he is better at it than I am! But on top of the regular life we have with our jobs and kids, I have this blog. Have any of you ever realized how much time a blog takes to prepare? Wow! But then there is the upcoming announcement. Part of the upcoming announcement is that I am working on starting my own business. (Which I have already mentioned on here, so there is still an announcement coming soon and it is big!) It is like having another full time job. All together it is exhausting and all consuming. While I am at work for my employer, My focus needs to be theirs. Then when I come home, the focus shifts to the kids, the house and Juan. Once dinner is over and the house is settling for the night, the remaining hours go to this blog and the business. Of course my lunch break at work is spent either running errands or making calls and returning emails for the business. 

I have to admit taking the time to swatch and write this blog is a bit of an escape from it all. So I look forward to it every day. A little respite from all the other madness. A time when I can turn on the TV and  just think nails. Ahhhh.... Maybe I should go a little slower on these two things. HA!

I received some Revlon Street Wears from a fellow polish fanatic Andi. I have never had any of these polishes before, and I was quite impressed. I swatched a few of them this weekend and WOW - these are pretty cool! One of the requests Andi had was to for me to compare Jelly to Chanel Paradoxal. How could I deny this request?

Here is Jelly. This applied in two coats. I really loved this color! In person it looks a bit more greige than in the photo. It is dark, yet light and a creme which I love. The application was smooth and covered in 2-3 coats. I love colors like this, so I am not surprised that I loved this one too!

It's beautiful and shiny too. Just great. I didn't want to take this one off. Unfortunately I had more swatching to do. Now that I am looking at these pictures, I think this is going to be my next manicure. Now on to the comparison.

When I saw Revlon Street Wear Jelly in the bottle, I knew this was going to be close to Chanel Paradoxal, but lighter. It is in the same color family, but definitely much lighter than Paradoxal. But it certainly doesn't take away from Jelly. I am picturing using these two together in an Ombre manicure. Can't wait! Now if I could just find the time.....


  1. That is such a pretty polish. Good luck on your business as well.

  2. i like this one, it's one of those ugly pretty colours :) great for fall

  3. YAY! Street Wear!! I'm glad you like Jelly as much as I do - I actually wore it for my 1st Street Wear mani.
    Thank so much for the comparison! I might not have Paradoxal (...yet? heheh), but I'm glad to know I have a polish cousin.
    Good luck on all your upcoming events - looking forward to hearing about them!