Monday, August 2, 2010

We're Finally Home

The Cleaning Out My Polish contest has officially ended!!! I will announce the winner later today. Since it is my first day back at work, I probably won't be able to get to it until this evening - but I will announce the winners today! I promise!

There is something bittersweet about the end of a vacation. You don't want the good times to end, but you look forward to life getting back to normal. As I was getting ready for work this morning, it felt good to be home. I am dreading all the work I have to catch up on of course, but life back to normal is a nice thing. We spent so much time in the car over the last week and a half. We made the decision to drive to MA from FL for many reasons. One of our kids wanted us to because she hates planes. That wasn't enough for me to say fine we will drive, but it did give me pause. Why not drive? So as I like to do, I researched the pros and cons. In the end we decided it would be more cost effective to drive (Like $900 less!) and we would get to see our friends along the way. We wouldn't have to rent a car once we got home either. It seemed like a grand idea. I don't regret it - but I am not looking forward to being in the car for more than 15 minutes for a while now. We spent a lot of our time home driving to see people or things. Much of the vacation was spent driving. Drive to my parents, drive to his parents, drive to my cousins, drive to Six Flags, drive to Juan's sisters, drive to my grandmother's.... You get the idea. 

The drive from FL to MA wasn't bad at all. At that point I thought I would totally do it again. But the drive from MA to FL was brutal! I don't know if it was because at that point we had already spent so much time in the car that week or what it was. But we calculated it would take us about 22 hours to get home based on stops and everything. (Not including spending the night at a friends). But 22 hours over 2 days of driving and stopping. Well I think by yesterday everyone was just over it. The kids were cranky, we had to stop every few hours because someone needed to use the rest room. It was just insane - we spent 16 hours in the car yesterday! 16 hours! Yesterday should have been only 12 hours! By the time we had 30 minutes left of our drive I had had enough. I was getting stir crazy. I didn't think I could spend another second in the car! It was really driving me mad. It was so good to walk in the house finally! 

Did I mention I haven't been feeling well since Thursday? Try being in the car for 27 hours while you feel sick! it is not easy. I still feel a little sick today, but I think I can make it through a day at work. Actually I think going to work will help me feel better. I know it sounds strange, but I think it will. 
But before I go, here is a recent NOTD. Right now my nails are nekkid, I will hopefully be able to do them tonight. But this color is one that got me to start breaking out of the reds, pinks and browns that I used to exclusively wear. It is OPI Play It Til Midnight. This was 3 coats if I remember correctly. I how dark yet vivid the color is and I love the shimmer mixed in the color. To me this is a classic blue.


Well I better head off to work. I am already late since I decided I would be more productive if I slept in a little. Now off to grab a coffee and hit the office. Should be fun! Ha! Let's see if I come home from work thinking I need a vacation. :)


  1. oh! this is in my untrieds. must. dig. out.

  2. huh.. I remember that tis is a lot darker, almost black... like jbrodek, I need to dig out mine ^^

  3. What a beautiful color. I'll have to try it out.

    Glad you guys got home safely.

  4. I'm also beginning to break away from my usual red and trying on some new colors!

  5. I haven't ever seen this color by OPI before. Its gorgeous and a must have for my collection. :)

  6. That blue is gorgeous, and I've never seen it before! How could I have missed it? :)

  7. @Jbrobeck - You have to try it - It is amazing!
    @AmusedPolish - I think it can look a bit darker depending on the lighting, but for the most part this is pretty color accurate. I did 3 thin coats to keep it a bit lighter as well. But that is what I like about it, at first glance it looks like I am wearing black, but when you really look, you can see the brilliance in the blue.
    @Sidonia - Thanks girl!
    @Rins - Once you break away it will be hard to go back! Just wait!
    @Lacquer Ware - I don't remember how I came across this one, but I am sure glad I did!
    @Salisha - Thanks!
    @Zara - I have no idea how I came across this one, but I knew I had to have it when I saw it. I meant to look at Ulta today to see if they carried it and I forgot. Oh well.