Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a Way to Start the Weekend

I had the enviable task of starting my weekend with a facial and peel. Ahhh! My skin feels so refreshed. The facial turned out great, but the facialist I used made it feel rushed. It was almost two hours long, so I know she didn't actually rush the service and it included everything that you would normally receive with a great facial, but her hand movements were so fast it made it feel rushed. Does that even make sense? When rubbing in her lotions and potions she took no care of my eyes and went right over them. I thought I was going to end up with product in my eyes! Then the lady in the room next to me was the world's loudest talker. Someone went in and actually asked her to quiet down. My facialist actually left the room at the same time, and then quickly re-entered since someone else was taking care of the situation. That didn't work though, she reduced the noise level for about 5 minutes and then returned to using her "outside" voice. This is a high end spa in the area too, so I was a bit disappointed. You know the kind of place you go in, put on your robe, enjoy some refreshments, use the sauna or steam room, relax, the whole nine. I have been here before and was not expecting this at all. But all in all the facial turned out great. I am loving the results. Then again I always do. Plus it was my birthday gift from Juan, so that made it better. But I wish the style used was different and that my annoying neighbor was elsewhere. Either way, the point is that I got a facial with great results. Plus it kind of makes me have to laugh. I always tell Juan my life should be a reality show or a comedy sitcom, because like a sitcom everything always turns out great in the end, but odd and funny things always happen on the way to the end result.

Want another story of my not so usual life? Well yesterday I left for work like any other day. Once I pulled into work, I realized that my daughter left her backpack in my Jeep.  So I had the pleasure of driving back the 30 minutes to bring my daughter her backpack. Once on my way back to work and now totally late, I have to stop for gas, since I had just a quarter of a tank when I left for work the first time, but I figured I could just get it on my way home later. Anyway since I was stopping for gas I figured I would get myself a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee as well. Heck I was already late, so why not right? Well the cap was not put on the iced coffee all the way and when I went to take a sip I ended up wearing a good portion of the coffee! I was wearing an ivory t-shirt too!!! I was already back near my office when this happened and couldn't afford another 30 minute ride home, figuring out what to wear, ironing it and a 30 minute ride back to work, so I headed towards the closet store that I hoped would be open and sold clothes - Target! I had to walk into Target with a wet stained and now see thru ivory t-shirt on!!! All I needed was a loose fitting t-shirt. Cheap and easy. It was casual Friday after all. I was wearing black skinny cargo pants, so the top could not be a regular fitted t-shirt. Well I guess not so easy, in my extremely quick 5 minute scan of Target, I could not find a loose fitting t-shirt that was plain. Ugh! I grabbed a loose fitting lace top that was super cute and a little shrug to go over it so I wouldn't have my shoulders exposed at work.  I could wear a tank top to work and they wouldn't care, but my former Financial Institution background with super strict dress codes still resides in the back of my mind and I am just uncomfortable exposing my shoulders like that. Plus I had a meeting scheduled with our benefit broker(Who loves nails and polish as much as me - how cool is that!) and an interview. I don't know I just don't like being sleeveless at work OK! ANYWAY - the shrug turned out to be sleeveless so I was stuck exposing my shoulders at work all day. I was uncomfortable all day - but everyone kept complimenting me on my outfit. Go figure! All though all day I kept thinking I needed a long necklace to complete the outfit and it was killing me because I felt the outfit was just unfinished as it was - but still turned out totally cute. So see crazy morning ended up turning out great anyway. Actually I found the humor in it all that someone at work actually commented that I was exuding happiness all day and was wondering if I had some amazing plans for the weekend or something. Nope, just thought my day was off to such an bad/strange start and I ended up getting to work over an hour and a half late, but I pushed through and just laughed it off.

I have hundred of stories like this. I swear some of us were just meant to have craziness in our life and I am one of those people.  Ha! Today's manicure is one of the Essence Surfer Babe Polishes that I got at Ulta. This one is called Pointbreak. It is a true gray. It applied evenly in three coats. There is nothing really special about this gray other than the fact that it was less than $2. I have had better quality polish in the past, but for the price, this one is great.

Hmm the family wants to go to the beach now, sounds fun. Except I am suppose to stay out of the sun for 24 hours after my pumice peel. Well I suppose I could sit under my umbrella. The beach sounds so nice! We haven't been in a while. 


  1. Love your new layout!!

    Girl this is a beautiful polish. Hey I love the bottle too! Looks good on you:)

  2. i love listening to your stories. you know we need an OOTD post with the exact same outfit now! i want that polish, hopefully its on its way to me!

  3. lol great stories. I think everyone's life is their own little sitcom ;)

  4. Love it when you share stories like this :)