Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where My Girls At?

It's been awfully quiet around here the last few days. I couldn't believe I didn't even have a single comment on the polish yesterday. What's going on girls, you still with me? I sure hope so! I look forward to reading what you all have to say everyday. Then again, who am I to be bummed for not seeing comments, I am terrible at leaving them myself! I have zero time and I usually catch up on everyone's blogs while I am in the car riding somewhere and it isn't easy commenting from the phone. But yet here I sit wondering where everyone is at? I'm developing a complex. 

So I did the outfit of the day pictures yesterday and I am not thrilled with how they came out. I am coming to realize it isn't me, it's Juan. Or at least he is an easy target. He is my photographer and yesterday we had about 10 minutes to get the pictures taken before I had to leave to meet up with the girls. I would pose and it would look like he took the picture, so I would move and nope he is sitting there taking his time and decides to snap right when I move. Ugh! To make matters worse my camera battery was dying which only serves to slow the camera down more. I think we are going to need to switch and use his fancy Nikon for outfit of the day posts.

I knew I would have limited time, so I wore an outfit that I could "change up" enough to wear out for an evening of wine with the girls. 
This is how I wore it to work. I am wearing a pair of black pant/leggings that I got last year at Ross for like $10 under a dress I grabbed at target for $17. I paired it with a suit jacket from Arden B that was about $50 and a pair of Steve Madden shoes I snagged on clearance for $14 from Ross. For accessories I am wearing the Alex & Ani bracelets I got for my birthday that were $28 each. I have worn them every day since I got them. The necklace is from Charlotte Russe and I forget where I got the earrings from. In the first picture John was more focused on including the windsurfer in the picture. Here I am posing for my "nail" blog with my hand closed! I was trying to get a bit more creative in the second picture - I obviously need more practice!

For the evening, I took the pants off, brought down where the "belt" of the dress is, so it would sit lower on my waist and removed the jacket. Hey it's still in the 90's here in FL. I was dying taking the pictures with the jacket and pants at the beach! Either way I am so loving the versatility of this dress! It is so comfy and cute! I think I should have grabbed it in a smaller size though. It makes me look a bit bigger than I am with the wind blowing the way it does on the beach. HA!

I did a quick polish change before leaving the house since my previous manicure was chipping. I had high hopes for this color. It is Inglot 963. It is a silver/purple. It was a bit to streaky for me, but I love the color. The effect is pretty cool. Oh well. It was a great night with great friends and that's what counts. 


  1. I know it's been a strange week for me activity level-wise, so I'm sure the comments will pick up this weekend.
    I LOVE those shoes & the Inglot color does go nice with your outfit. I now have an idea for work-to-night.
    And thanks for that blog shout out =^_^= You didn't have to do that! but I do appreciate it!!

  2. I bet the decline in activity is related to the start of school. I love your outfit - purple is a great color on you. Pretty color for the polish, but it looks a little more grey for my liking.

  3. I so agree with the getting back into the groove for school and last minute mini vacations and school shopping for the lack of activity...and let's not forget this is the time of year the military does a lot of it's PCS'g, so hang in there GF - WE ARE HERE!! Numbes will be back up to par in September!! :-) Did you say you look big?? If that is your idea of big, I must be orka the whale!! That ensemble is perfection on you - and the versatility of it was just awesome!! You Rock!!

  4. Love the outfit picture; thanks for the ideas. I'm facing the same situation tomorrow and don't know what I'll do yet.

  5. You are one hotmomma!!!! I have been super busy adjusting to being a proud momma of two - but sending some love your way always!

  6. Oh, this is gorgeous both ways! Of course, that dress is a winner in my book, it's purple and very cute. And I love your shoes! I think the Inglot goes well with it too.
    I've noticed a drop in my comments the last couple of days too, I'm guessing school?

  7. very cute! i love how you got 2 looks out of a few great pieces of clothing.

    I know what you mean about the comments thing. sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading! hopefully they are just too busy to comment ;)

  8. Hey you guys are all there! Boy am I needy! HA!

    @Andi, I know I didn't NEED to mention your blog - but I am loving it and want to share. I love the blog name too! Total awesomeness girl!

    @Megan - Darn school! My kids started on the 9th - it has made life more hectic!

    @Audrey - I know all about the PCSing. Thank goodness that's not us right now! & no I didn't say I was big - see tomorrow's post though - your inspired my topic!

    @Aimee - Hope you have fun and let us know what you decided to wear!

    @Leslie - I know - I need to come visit you and the baby! I can't wait to hold him!

    @Nicole - The dress is amazing - I am loving some of the fashions at Target lately!

    @Danielle - Thanks - I stole the idea from my 11 year old who LOVES to put pants under her dresses. It's her signature style!

  9. LOL on all the comments and your post. I'm in agreement....its just an 'off' week for blog posting I'm noticing it on mine too and on other blogs. Maybe school? Maybe getting the last vacay in? Maybe its just been a kinda crappy week (like it has for me)? But I still love checking your blog out even if I don't have a lot of time to comment. :)

  10. Everyone seems slower with the hotter days. I know I'm spending more time doing outside things so blogging isn't a priority. But I'm reading blogs and commenting here and there.
    Love this OOTD both ways!
    I totally understand the photography challenged husband, mine is the same. LOL

  11. Very pretty polish color! Do you have Dior Silver Purple to compare? I'm curious to see if they're dupes. :) Love your blog!!!