Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Weekend is Upon Us

Before we start today's post I have a message for Brianna. Yeah Brianna - this is for you! Yesterday Brianna read my post and made a comment something to the effect of "Who does your mom think she is saying the Kardashian's have nothing on her, for one they are younger." Brianna was kidding. (At least I hope she was) and she is the Kat's friend. Well of course I think that means that she misunderstood my comment from yesterday's post. But I thought it was clever and funny, so of course now she gets a bit of payback! Brianna I was referring to the size of my rear end. Not their gorgeousness, nor their age. Although I resent that age comment young lady! :) And hey thank you for even putting me in their league! I love it! That means this momma still has it! (It had to be the combo between those cargo skinnies and my shoes and not the butt according to Brianna who missed the reference!) Ha! 

OK so now back to the posting, How is everyone planning on ringing in the weekend? We have a wedding to go to and I still don't know what I am going to wear. I think it is a somewhat casual wedding, so a cute sundress and some hot shoes? I guess I better get in my closet and see what I have since shopping is out of the question right now. Speaking of, did you know you need like a million business licenses to start a business? I swear every time I turn around there is another requirement! It is crazy. Fed ID, State Certificate, County License, zoning license, City license, Sales & Use tax license, Trade Mark, and let's not forget the merchant account and Paypal account and the list goes on and on. I swear, I don't even have a bottle of my polish in my hands and all this other stuff is keeping me busy! 

Anyhoo, let's get onto the nails for today. This is another one created by one of my daughters. Coco created this gold matte polish. This was very streaky but the concept is great. Not to shabby for an 1 year old. Matte gold, who would have thought of this one? 

Cool right? Alright girls, I will see you back here next weekend, with hopefully another outfit of the day.  Have a great weekend!

Oh wait before I go - today is your last chance to enter the contest to have your dream color be part of the first release of Cult Nails! Go to for details and how to enter. Check back next week for the entrants and to help select the winner!

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  1. Matte gold....I would never have thought of that combo; it's an interesting idea.
    Have a nice weekend too :)