Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Reality

I got back from my weekend cruise with the girls yesterday, it was a perfect weekend. We relaxed, soaked in some sun, danced, ate, visited the spa and will you believe I even woke up early to work out each day? Yup and I took the stairs so many times instead of the elevator that my legs actually have a little burn feeling when i walk now. If I didn't have to work, I could totally get a workout in every day. It was so easy when I didn't have to rush anywhere. I wish I could be that dedicated at home!

It really was a perfect get-away weekend. I hardly even spent any money! YAY! The girl who set up our cruise is also an owner in the travel agency and she took care of our group. We had several cocktail parties where drinks were included and an onboard credit, so I didn't spend much at the spa or otherwise. I actually came home with most of my money! YAY!  Here are some photos from the cruise. Hey some of these can count as outfit of the day pics, which is great since I don't have a nail photo for you today.

This is the first night. I didn't take a picture standing alone. But this is just a simple tube dress that I got at Express last year for I think $50 and a pair of glittery heels I found a few years back. I don't know the brand I love these shoes! If I remember correctly I paid $70 for them.

I Watched the sunrise before a morning workout. Yup, I got up that early! Hey we napped on the beach, so I was okay with 4 - 5 hours of sleep each night!

The cruise ships docked in Nassau, Bahamas. Ours was the one on the far right. We sailed on the Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas. It's one of the older smaller ships, but perfect for a weekend excursion.

Formal dinner waer on the second night. This is a BCBG Max Azaria dress I picked up two years ago at an outlet. I think I paid $120 for it. You can't see the shoes in this picture, but no worries, you'll see them next picture!

The sexy legs and shoes shot! My leg is the second from the left. I'm wearing Guess heels and I got them on clearance for $60. Check out the ostrich feathers on the dress of the girl third from the left. That was a hot little dress! I don't think I could wear ostrich feathers, but she looked hot in it.

The bunny waiting in my cabin. He was wearing my sunglasses and holding the TV remote.

Royal Caribbean's island, Coco Cay. I not only hit the treadmill that morning, but I did Yoga on the beach that morning too! It was so nice doing some of those poses on the beach feeling the breeze and listening to the ocean breeze. I am going to see if anyone offers beach yoga here since I live so close to the beach. It truly was heavenly.

This is the water in Coco Cay. It was so clear you could stand chest high and see your feet. The perfect blue. I can see a polish coming out of this color. There was a section where the water actually looked like a milky blue. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture a picture of that. 

As you can see from this photo, I forgot my sunblock. This was last night. I got this dress at Ross for about $14. The belt cost more than the dress! I paid $28 for that belt at Express last year. I am wearing a plain Old Navy tank top under the dress and my patent nude Jessica Simpson heels that I paid around $80 for. 

That about covers the cruise from the weekend. It was a great time and now it is back to being a mom and working my tail off.  I hope everyone had an equally fun and relaxing weekend. Peace, Love & polish girls!


  1. Glad you had a good time, that water is amazing and your BCBG dress is beautiful!

  2. wow, looks lovely :) when I was a kid my family and I took a day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas, it's so beautiful there :)

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)