Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to Work?

Even though it's a long weekend, it's also my chance to catch up on some Cult Nails business. Although I have to admit this is the fun stuff. So I don't mind too much except when I am tired. But in light of reviewing my stats, there are actually a few MAJOR nail polish companies that have checked out my website. Very interesting if you ask me. Why are they checking me out?  I have to admit I was also a bit flattered and awed too. I have never had one look at my blog before, that I know of, but isn't it cool that maybe someone at a major company looks at your info or reads your blog? But then my other half started thinking are they going to "steal" my colors and make them before I can? I mean they totally have the means to make them faster than me, so if they are looking at comments to determine what's hot, can that actually affect me later? Or maybe it is more protecting their name and making sure I am not "stealing" their colors. Which if that's the case - no worries there. I plan on creating my own colors, colors I think would be cool or you all think would be cool and we can't find elsewhere. 

Speaking of cool colors we can't find elsewhere, I have been working with some pigments creating some colors. I came up with one that is so friggin' hot, I mean explosive hot. I have not seen one like this and it is just a jaw dropping must have. (Or maybe that is just me.) I of course started snapping away with photos and then the stats entered the back of my mind. I just can't post it on here. I just can't. It makes me so sad. Then I realized I probably can't really post other people's polishes anymore either then, can I? I still love other brands, but is that a conflict? Will they get upset? Are there legal issues here? But I can't stop nail blogging either. So this is a bit of a conundrum. 

So here is my idea. I will keep the blog up and maybe just reduce the amount I post over time to just a few days per week. :( And I will show creations that are not in the "OMG this is a must in my collection!" Then put a poll with it, and people can vote whether or not it should be added or not. But is there a way the poll can be private so that others don't see it? Am I being way to paranoid or what? I feel so stupid for the paranoia, but this is my life's savings (and more) and I can't afford to lose it all. What do you think? Please tell me I am a nut and to just post it all on here! And I don't want to stop my blog, it has become like my stress reliever. I look forward to it.  

Edited to add: I just had an idea. I will post my pics that I am not comfortable posting here on my FB page and those that are on there can help decide on final colors? Hmmm Let me think on that - but that seems like it could work.

Lastly I was thinking of adding a page to my website with tutorials on it. But then I started thinking of some of the amazing tutorials that I have seen on some other blogs, and thought, what if I ask them to recreate the tutorials with my polish and then I post those tutorials on my site and I link back to their blog. That would be cool right? That concept just seems like it would be awesome. Yes? No? 

OK so that is the post for today, asking for your opinions and advice. And maybe a little shake my shoulder and tell me to get over myself already, because I am just letting this consume me a bit too much?

But I won't leave you hanging for a photo today. This is a bottle where I tend to dump leftovers in, so it is a combo of who knows how many polishes. It came out like a dusty peachy pink. I think I am going to make this one my pedicure. This one was just wicked cool! I am loving it. What do you think? Hit or miss? I wonder if I can recreate this using pigments and make it a bit more dusty looking? This could be a fun project!

Peace, Love & Polish girls! (I think this might just be my new sign off)

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  1. an alternative to posting nail polish pics due to the reasons stated about you could post more clothing pictures!! I love your style!!! yay!!