Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deconstructed Foil Manicure How To

I received a request for instructions on how to do my Deconstructed Foil Manicure. I was going to do the manicure in blue and silver based on the request, but unfortunately little hands in my house used all my blue foil, so I chose red and silver instead. I was going to put it all together in a video, but I lost steam this weekend and didn't get around to it. So instead this will be a photo tutorial. (Man it is a post full of excuses isn't it?! Ha!)

1. Paint your nails in whatever base color you plan on using for the manicure. Here I used Dashing Diva in Concrete Playground.  (A little side note - a few months ago I posted about a contest on the Dashing Diva website and my friend won one of the prizes. How cool is that? She lent me Concrete Playground and their signature color called Dashing Diva for swatching. The formula on these was amazing. One coat was all it took, but of course me being me I did two coats.)

I purchased a foil kit from TransDesign. This kit comes with several different foil colors, a primer and a Sealer for the foils. The primer is basically a mix of glue and water. The Sealer is very thick and it is meant to not eat away at the foil. I made the mistake of trying to use Seche with these and it literally ate away at the foil. Big mistake!

2. While waiting for my nails to dry completely I chose my colors, and cut out a few squares. I only needed 2 small squares of each color foil I was going to use. (I actually let me nails dry a few hours before foiling them.)

3. Using the primer, paint a thin coat on each of your nails. (Do one complete hand at a time.)

4. At first the primer will leave a milky finish look on your nails. Wait a few minutes for the primer to go clear, but not long enough for it to dry.

5. Gently and quickly tap the foil in random spots on your nails. No need to try to be neat here. That's the best part!

6. Once you tap one of the foil colors on all nails, do the same thing with next foil color. No need to re-apply the primer.

7. Once I have done all my nails, if everything is looking a little too perfect, I add some more primer in the spots I want the foil to go on and add a bit more foil to just those spots.

Easy! Once the manicure is done, you will have my version of the deconstructed manicure. I forgot how much I liked this manicure! I'm glad I was asked to re-create it!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. That's a very interesting method! thanks for the tutorial Maria :)

  2. I'm always looking for new ideas that are really, really simple and I didn't realize a foil manicure could be that easy. Yay! Thanks for the tutorial :)