Friday, September 10, 2010

Gotta Love Fridays!

I have to say, I can not wait for the weekend. Yesterday was such a rough day at work! I don't want to talk about my work life on here, but I just couldn't wait for the day to end! I got a lot done in spite of I was feeling emotionally, but have you ever had that day where while your mind and body is in it, your spirit wasn't? I just wasn't feeling it. I know exactly why, but like I said, we aren't going to discuss that here. 

On the bright side, I felt like I had the night off last night. Well I did come home and do a bit more work for my day job, but after that I hit the grocery store and just chilled. I put a frozen pizza in the oven, grabbed a glass of wine and a magazine and hit the bubble bath, then went and hung out with the neighborhood girls for a bit, and actually made it into bed by 10:30pm. Ahhhh so relaxing! Maybe that means today is going to be a great day! Kind of like a do over since I woke up in such a great mood yesterday and the day turned to crap, but then it all turned out OK in the end. let's try to make it stay great all day. And fingers crossed that my samples are in the mail today!!! I mean really what is taking them so long to get here? It's weird I create a polish and think oh wow - this is so cool it is going to be my color. Then I get all anxious waiting for it from the lab, but the reality is I am DYING to get them into production and see those polishes in my bottles with my logo!!! I just can't wait for that day! Although my wallet can certainly wait!

Gotta love those all over the place posts. That is my mind lately. Ha! Here's a polish I made last weekend. It is a bright pink. I used a pearlizing base for this one. I was going for a metallic red, but obviously I failed at that, but this pink is pretty cool! 

Oh and one more piece of news. I have decided to take the weekends off from blogging. I may end up updating the blog on an occasional weekend here or there, but where I was already not blogging on Sundays, I have decided that I might as well make it the whole weekend. So I will see you back here on Monday! Have a nice weekend everyone! 

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