Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Want To Play With Khaki's Too

Yesterday it seems that all everyone was talking about was the new Chanel Khaki collection for Fashion Night Out. I may be starting my own line but I am by no means immune to lemmings. I SOOOO want this collection! I don't think I have seen a Chanel collection yet that I felt such a strong lemming for. It must be the fact that I can not get this collection. All my money is going towards creating my polish line which means no buying other polishes right now. :( I figured since I have some newly purchased pigments to create color ideas, why not do my own spin on the Khaki collection. These are not frankens or dupes nor are they trying to be. These are just my interpretations of what these colors would look like if I made them. 
I created a dusty grey/green, an olive drab and a rose taupe color too, but obviously very different than what Chanel created. But I didn't stop there! Oh no I did not! While making these I ended up with two additional colors.

On the far left is an additional green and on the far right is a more burnt rose taupe color. Wait until you see the swatches of these colors. I love them all!

First up in my olive drab. This color came out matte. It was my first attempt at using some new pigment dyes, so I wasn't too sure how it would work. I had no idea I was going to make it matte. I learned that I went to heavy on the pigment. But what a cool effect.

Of course I added a top coat. Here it definitely looks more olive drab and less brown than when matte. But this is the color I see using my OTT light. When I have it in regular lighting it looks even cooler.

Aaahh no wonder I like it so much, it is a perfect match for my bedspread! Who knew? Well I did, and I guess now you do too! Chanel's version is VERY different than this. Well actually I think all of theirs are very different than what I came up with. Looks like I still have some lemmings to fulfill.

Ok let's move on shall we?
This is my grey/green. This looks a bit more green in person, but not too much more. I really love this color. It came out so cool. But of course I wanted it a bit more green and that is when I came up with the second green color.

Can I just say I fell in love with this one? Oh My Gosh!!! This color is rockin'. Love. Love. Love!

Here is my burnt rose taupe. Cool color, and yes there is subtle shimmer in there. I couldn't resist. This one is pretty nice too, but my eyes keep wandering above to that dang green color!

Last but not least is my rose taupe color. Another color I fell in love with. I am such a huge taupe fan, so this one instantly became a favorite for me. I have to have this in my collection. This is just too divine not to have. It is so much more impressive in person! I wish I wasn't creating these at night, so I could have some sunlight for these pictures. But they are still pretty color accurate and impressive. This is the manicure I am wearing now.

Oh on a side note, this is what happens when I take a 5 hour energy shot at 3 in the afternoon, I end up creating polish and swatching well into the night, when I should be sleeping because I have to get up for work in the morning! Lesson learned. 5 hour energy shots are more like 10 hour energy shots for me. I guess I should have only drank half of it. But I was on a role. After getting out of work today, I did some more work for my HR job, did some work for Cult Nails, made dinner for the fam, took a walk with Juan and the dogs, booked tickets with my mom to go back home for the holidays & one of my daughter's birthday, talked to one of my awesome sister in law, and created these polishes. Phew!

So what do you guys think of these inspired creations? I was intending on trying to create some of the entries I received, but I obviously got side tracked. Oops!

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  1. i really love these a lot! i like them better than the chanels!