Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Time To Cast Your Vote for the Final Cult Nails Color!

It's time to vote for your fellow blogger polish creations. Cult Nails will create the winning color as part of the launch collection. The winner will of course receive all three colors of the launch collection before everyone else! (well not everyone, since I guess I will have it first, but you know what I mean.) Below are the descriptions and pictures for the entrants dream colors. The contest will run through Friday September 24th at 11:59PM EST and the results will be posted here on Monday September 27th. Help spread the word about Cult Nails and have your friends, family and followers help select the winning shade! Here are the entries in no particular order:

1.  Blogger: Lacquered Lizard
     Color: Sage green with purple shimmer
     Description: Lacquered Lizard entered this color for another contest and still would like to
     see this one happen. She did a post on her blog about this color, which you can see here.
     She would like "A color like the Mexican sage plant with it's silver green leaves and purple 
     flowers. A sage green polish with purple/pink shimmer. The green pictured below is spot
     on, but she would like to see more purple shimmer come out in the final polish."

2.  Blogger: Tierny
     Color: Dark jelly (black/navy) with suspended blue & green shimmer
     Description: "Inspired by phosphorescence in the water. It's one of my favorite things
     about being on my boat at night, when you can see the phosphorescence. I remember the
     first time I ever saw it when I was  about 12, my parents showed me and the first thing I
     said was that it looked like Tinkerbell was swimming around in the water. I love how the
     water looks black and then it sparkles blue and green.

3.  Follower: WhateverAmber
     Color: Blue Purple Holographic
     Description: "A blurple holographic! But a more blue leaning blurple; like the color that
     most blurples look in photographs."  This color would be called: Pretty the World.
     Inspiration: I tried to create the color of WhateverAmber's dreams. Creating a
     holographic is not the easiest thing to create. If this color wins, I will work on a much
     more holographic effect. 

4.  Blogger: EvilAngel
     Color: Turquoise Jelly with Pink or purple shimmer
     Description: Turquoise jelly with purple or pink shimmer...maybe both
     Inspiration: This was another tough one to photograph. This is a true jelly in person, very 
     shiny and the shimmer just won't quit. This flashes from turquoise to pink to purple 
    depending on how the light hits it. I wish I had more pictures to show you of this one,
     but the pink & purple shimmer just wouldn't come out in the pictures for some reason. :(

5.  Blogger: KrisinPhilly
     Color: Zen Garden Rock Grey with peridot shimmer
     Description:A smokey blue based grey or a grey sage with slight greyish silver and
     peridot green shimmer. Not as dark as Zoya's Kelly but a bit lighter with a touch more
     blue and a creme base. I see the silver/grey being a shimmer that blends with the grey.
     The peridot as an added shimmer - if that makes sense?! I can see a multi-tone peridot

    Color: Deep blue shimmer
    Description: I am a blue lover and love the blue right after the sun sets. It is a dark blue,
    not quite blackened since you can still tell that it is blue. Inspiration: The original blue I
    created was still a little too light for Claudia's vision. I darkened it up a bit for the final



  1. Thank you for the opportunity to vote on such excellent colors. All of them were awesome.

  2. how to choose? they're all amazing! great interpretations on all of them maria!!

  3. It's really hard to choose! Maybe the runners-up can be included in the future? These are awesome!

  4. Wow, Maria! You really went above and beyond with the colors you created; they're all awesome! I'd honestly be happy to see any of these colors win!

  5. I was thinking of that. The results are really close right now!

  6. They really are. These are colors I don't know that I would have ever thought of, but I have been wearing them as I create them. They are all so stunning!

  7. These all look beyond lovely! Though I really must say my vote has to go towards 5 followed by 1. Can't wait!

  8. Thanks for voting! I can't wait to find out who wins either!