Thursday, September 16, 2010

Outfit of the Day

I totally forgot I took pictures on Friday for an Outfit of the Day post. How could I forget? I think these are my best pictures yet. I tried to pretend that there was no camera and it almost worked. I think I might actually get the hang of this after all. But boy do I feel conceited when I take these pictures, but hey let's be serious, if I am doing all this, then I must be just a little bit conceited right? I am a Leo after all! HA!

So I have been seeing these J Brand Houlihan Cargo Skinnies all over the place and I fell in love with them.

But for $231 that just wasn't going to happen. I just can't see paying that much for a pair of trendy pants. I just can't do it. So I went looking for a knock off style. I grabbed a pair of black ones from Target, but they stretch and are a bit of a baggy skinny if that even makes any sense. Plus I wanted them in an olive color. I just had it in my head that I had to get these. So much so that I actually contemplated on trying to convince myself to just spend the $231. What is wrong with me?

Well while at Ross the other day I found a very similar pair that even has the zipper up the side by Almost Famous for $19.99! Of course looking for a picture to post on here I just found them online for $15.99! So if you want your own pair go here before they sell out!

These are so similar it's ridiculous! The only major difference is the material and color. The rest of the differences are so minor, they don't even matter. 

I wish we got more pictures of the scenery. We actually found this old abandoned apartment complex (or maybe hotel). I don't know why it was abandoned, or what the circumstances are, but there was a lot of overgrown grass and hornet or wasp nests and broken windows. It was actually a little horror movieish, but made for a great location.

Outfit deets: Grey BDG T-shirt from Urban Outfitters. I think I paid $5 or $10 for it. Eggplant Purple Lace Trimmed Ribbed tank from American Eagle. Again I think I paid $5 or $10 for it. My Almost Famous Cargo's from Ross for $19.99.  Chinese Laundry sandals $118. The necklace I wore before, it's from Charlotte Russe and was $8. The sunglasses I got from Ross ages ago. They are Roca Wear and I love them. They were $9.99. Turns out their men's though. Oops! And of course my lovely LV Speedy handbag.

Another outfit shot and those damn hornets or wasps or whatever they are. Anyone know? These nests were EVERYWHERE! 
Dang check out that bootie! The Kardashian's have nothing on me! I just had to show these. No wonder I kept getting checked out all day! I didn't realize my shirt kept riding up on my bottom. I guess I should know this by now. But that side view - WOW! 

Unfortunately I forgot what I was wearing on my nails. I think it was one of my khaki browns, so since I showed you that one already last week, I'll show you a different one. This one was made by one of my daughter's. It is a metallic rose color.

Gorgeous isn't it? 


  1. Hi JLo.. I mean Maria! lol Love love love the entire outfit and the site! You will have to tell me where this is.. Did I say LOVE IT!?!??!

  2. You're too funny! I will have to show you where it is. We should go do a ghost hunt there one night! HA!

  3. Thank you! I LOVE the shoes too! They are by far my favorite pair. Well worth the money I paid for them. I'm a sucker for Chinese Laundry shoes though!

  4. love the outfit! those shoes are killler!!! LOVE them!!

  5. You look fab in that outfit Maria! But those hornets/wasps/whatever-they-are nests....freakkky!

  6. I had to come back to this post to see how you wore the skinny cargos. Ever since I saw them on your blog I knew I had to have them!! It seems like every brand has their own version of them now, I got mine on the weekend and love them :) I was thinking of wearing them with black ankle boots, do you think that will work?