Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please Don't Stop the Music

   Last night my daughter wanted me to do cow patterns on her nails because her friend went to school with her nails done like this.  I really wasn't feeling cow patterns, so we tried to figure out something else out and decided on music notes. It seems way to easy right? Well it would have been, except my black nail art pen was drying up so we were having a tough time. Not to mention it was a long and busy day and I just wanted to lay down when I got home. I so wasn't feeling like doing nails, much less nail art. But what do you do? You suck it up, that's what you do.

In the end everyone decided they wanted music notes on their nails. So here is Bee's music notes:
For Bee we decided on white polish to make it look like music note paper. 

Then I did Coco's. She decided not to change her manicure, but to just have random music notes added to her existing mani. This is a color she created with some pigments that I had. Coco is a nail biter, so doing her nails is frustrating to say the least.

Kat did her nails herself. I really wish I did them though. She wrote Music on one hand and then put the music notes on the other. You know for Music Notes. But she wrote on her own nails so it is a bit hard to read. But hey she is trying, and I think that in itself is pretty cool!

And finally, I had to get in on the action. I probably shouldn't have though. I painted my nails in a white I created and am still determined to get right. I loaded it with some micro holo shimmer hoping to create a pure white holo. It looks awesome in the bottle. But I think this will be one that will need some outside sunlight to catch the holo effects. Inside it just looks like pure white. And with the cloudy rainy last few days we have had, I have yet to see if I am close at all. But here is my music note.

Not the best job I have ever done, but it'll do for a day. Man that cuticle oil makes my hands look so red! What is up with that. I hate taking pictures while I still have cuticle oil on my nails. But when I say all I wanted to do was lay down, I am not kidding. I just wasn't feeling it. So I guess all in all for not feeling it, we didn't do half bad. Hey it's already Wednesday so just 3 days left of the week! Yahooo!!!

Before I go, I just wanted to remind everyone, we have received a few entries to help choose the third and final color of the Cult Nails collection. So if you have a color that you think is the next it color, or there is a color you have always dreamt of, enter the contest over at I received a few entries with no pictures and I am going to do my best to create those colors. I received some pigments and dyes in the mail today that I think will help make those happen. So if you are without a photo, give me a good enough description and I will try to help you out. This contest will end Sept 17th. Good Luck!

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