Friday, September 3, 2010

Yay the Long Weekend is Almost Here...

Well for those of us in the U.S. anyway, it is Labor Day weekend so most of us have Monday off. I wish I had today off to start the long weekend already! Unfortunately I am limited in my time off from work so I couldn't afford to take today off too. But I do get to take off for a few hours on Tuesday to go on My Daughter's field trip that is right near my work. She is in a Fashion Design class so we are going to a local fabric store. Should be fun. I love to sew, but I am not entirely skilled, nor is it a big enough passion to spend an enormous amount of time doing. But did you know that Cynthia Rowley has a pattern line? I can't wait to get to look through the pattern books now! Heck maybe some polish inspiration will hit while I am there!

Want to hear another totally amazing, jaw dropping fact? had well over 5,000 hits on Wednesday!!! I was floored when Juan showed me the stats! That is just unbelievable! Can you imagine? I am really getting excited! I purchased some empty polish bottles and some huge bottles of base supplies for polish making. I also ordered some makeup grade pigments that could be used in polish making. I am going to start mixing some more ideas at home for the lab to follow for future collections. Are you sick of me talking about this already? I am just so excited that I can finally get back to talking about what is going on in my life! Sorry if it is too much.

So here is another franken. This is an aqua blue with shimmer that my daughter wanted. She wanted an water aqua blue with shimmer. I mixed a tiffany blue with some yellow, white and clear polish and then added some micro holo glitter.  I really love this one. It seems so fun and perfect to call an unofficial end to the summer over labor day weekend.


Oh and don't forget, if you have a color you want to see made, just enter the contest and you just may have your very own color! See for details.


  1. great colour! Can't wait for the long weekend either! I took off Tuesday as well for an extra long weekend :)

  2. Oh, that's great - I love the shimmer!! I have an idea for one of your polishes, I just have to take some pictures and think about wording.

  3. Turquoise and sparkles---love, love, love!!

  4. I love it!! The glitter isn't too big, the blue not too bright, the texture seems great too. You have a winner right there, missy!