Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cancer Awareness Month Inspired Color

I have seen several posts this month from other bloggers regarding October being Cancer Awareness Month. I have been wanting to join in and contribute my pink nails, and the time just kept slipping by. 

Tonight I am attending a Cancer Awareness benefit and needed to get my nails done quick. I was a bit tired from a wicked awesome yoga class last night and my arms were feeling like jelly, but I knew I just had to perfect the pink I have been working on. I wanted a perfect bubble gum pink or cancer awareness ribbon pink. The color kept coming out too light or too dark or too purple. It just wasn't working out.  I was getting so disappointed. Last night with not much to lose I decided to take a too light pink I made and mix in some of the cranberry I made the other day. Who knew that was what was needed - the perfect pink! I know the color is probably easily available out there and I probably have one or two that are pretty close if I were to look, but every where I go people ask me if the color I am wearing is one I made or someone else's. Since I am trying to build a brand, I always want to try to wear one of my own, and since this is for a benefit, I feel I should definitely wear one I created just for the night. The down side is my clean up brush has seen it's day so I couldn't do a clean up. In person they look pretty close to perfect - with the detail of the camera though, you can see all my little mistakes. Boo! I forgot how much I love wearing pink polishes! Do you have a favorite pink?

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