Friday, October 15, 2010

Dusty Cranberry?

I attended a yoga class last night and one of the girls in front of me had on a vivid cranberry nail polish. It was so shiny and I wished I was wearing a freshly painted cranberry on my hands. I kept thinking that I needed to make a cranberry polish the second I got home. Once I created the cranberry, I started thinking that while it was nice, how about a dusty cranberry instead? Maybe add a little grey to the cranberry. Well I did a 50/50 mix of grey and cranberry and I ended up with a not quite pink not quite purple shade. Not what I was thinking. So then I added cranberry to a lot of grey and it was too light, not quite cranberry enough. But the more cranberry I added, the more cranberry it got. (duh! right?). It is a bit dusty in person, but the camera seems to pick up more of the cranberry than the dusty. Either way I think it is a gorgeous cranberry color, even if it isn't exactly what I was going for. Even though I am wearing it now, I am thinking this is going to be my Thanksgiving manicure too. I am loving this color, it's the perfect transition between Summer and Fall. It's still bright enough to wear in the high 80's we are experiencing, but will be equally nice once the weather gets colder. 

What about you? Have you ever seen a polish on someone and just had to go home and change your manicure as a result? 

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  1. Totally! I keep on seeing people with some completely fancy manicures or, say, with simple black on, and if it compliments their hands, it makes me want to paint my nails the same. Sad thing it doesn't always look as good on me, haha!
    Interesting fact, I saw many girls with light coral on their nails that look so similar! But I digress.
    I love this cranberry, actually, cranberry with a twist ;) Warm dusties look great, in my opinion, just as, say, dusty cherry.