Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Nails, Just Some Virtual Window Shopping

 I just wasn't feeling nails last night. I am feeling makeup and clothes big time at the moment though. But being sick and all didn't lend itself to my playing with makeup, so I did some virtual window shopping on last night instead. I loved my outfit so much, now I am going to be on the hunt for the outfit on the cheap.
I really want the Alex and Ani Bracelets, I absolutely love them and am crushed I misplaced the ones I got for my birthday this year. I still have hope that they will turn up, but the reality is I will probably have to buy them again. So sad. The purse is another item I will be on the hunt for, I will be stalking some Marshall's and TJ Maxx's to see if I can find a totally cute and great quality green handbag like this. And the Chinese Laundry boots - DIVINE! I for sure need to get these. Now if I can just convince Juan that I must have them!

Shoes and handbags are usually where I will spend my money. I think you can find some great quality clothing at bargain prices, but when it comes to handbags and shoes, I get the best I can afford. I never regret it. So these boots, I need them! But will over the knee boots be going out after this year? That is my worry if I get them, then I will get minimal use out of them here in FL because of the weather. But wouldn't you guys love to see these in an outfit of the day post? If so, give me your best reason to convince Juan to part with $150 to get me these boots when we are in the middle of scrimping and saving every last cent to start a nail polish line? His birthday is coming up, maybe he should get me these for his birthday? Hmm I guess that won't work! HA! While we are at it, how can we convince him to get me these Alex and Ani bracelets even though I totally proved myself completely irresponsible with my last ones? And how about that lace top? All I see around here are tight ones, I wonder if I will find something like this. I am so loving this outfit. Hmmm maybe virtual window shopping should be off limits while I am saving. I don't need any lemmings!

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

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