Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick & Easy Home Manicure

I needed a manicure, but just wasn't feeling it. I even decided I would go polish free for a few days. But going polish free does not mean leaving my hands a mess. I used some things that can easily be found in most kitchens. This is a great exfoliating and moisterizing treatment that I used to do when we lived in colder climates. It would help with some extra moisture while getting rid of the dead skin. I use some sugar, honey and olive oil and mix it together in a bowl.

I gently scrub my hands and around my nails and rinse it off. Be gentle - sugar can tear and damage your skin if you are too rough. The great thing is you can also use this to gently exfoliate your face as well.

Look at the water beading up! the olive oil and honey really keep the moisture in and the excess moisture out. Once I dry my hands I have a smooth, soft to the touch hands! I put Nail Magic on my nails before giving myself the manicure. Now I am good to go for a few more days before I have to give myself a more traditional manicure! Wahoo! Less than 5 minutes and I am ready to walk out the door! Excuse the coloring on the photos - getting used to Juan's fancy Nikon! Do you have any quick manicure or nail secrets? If so spill! :)

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