Saturday, October 30, 2010

She Blinded Me With Science

It ended up being a hectic week. I had to make a portion of one kids costume and buy the other two costumes. Then I ended up needing one for myself for work. We had to do some work on my daughter's science project and a few other things thrown in and I found myself with zero time to blog. My new camera came in, but I think I am going to have to send it in for warranty work - I am pretty bummed. A lot of pictures are coming out blurry. Quite disappointing. Hopefully they exchange it or fix it quickly! But I do have some pictures to share with you today.

Coco's science project is seeing if a certain brand of soap cleans your hands better or are all soaps created equal? We have some fake germs that she puts on her hands and are visible only with a black light. Here is a picture of her "germy" hands.

 Here is what is left of the "germs" after a good hand washing.

Since I had to dress up for work, a group of us decided to be an 80's all girl band. I wanted neon nails. I did bright neon orange. Of course the picture doesn't do them justice as they don't look neon at all here. But believe me in person they are totally vivid neon orange.

 Since we have the black light for Coco's science project, I decided to take a picture using the light. Wow - now look at them glow!

 Here I am at the office with my "Aqua Net" hairspray.

We carved pumpkins with the kids today. Here I am carving a pumpkin and Juan took a picture. It's like an inadvertent NOTD picture!

Here is the pumpkin once it was done. This is my take on the puking pumpkin. Notice the blood and bones in his puke?

Here it is with the other two pumpkins we carved today.

An evening shot of the pumpkins.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Hopefully next week things will ease up a little and I'll be able to post more.  Hope everyone had a great week too. 


  1. Hahaha your costume is awesome and I love the pumpkins

  2. super love the nails! your costumeis perfect with the aquanet! hahahahaha your pumpkin cracks me up too

  3. The neon nails look awesome in black light and that puking pumpkin is hilarious! You certainly look very 80's there. I hope you had fun with the gals in the office. :)

  4. Those are some great pumpkins!!

  5. Fantastic pumpkins, nails, and costumes.. feeling bummed about the camera all over again! :(

  6. Thanks everyone! I thought the pumpkin and nails were pretty cool too!

    Leslie - no feeling bad about the camera - this one is def not your fault. But of course as soon as I wrote that - the pics we took the rest of the weekend all turned out fine - maybe the camera needed to get warmed up?