Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There are some nail bloggers who have the most amazing nails and hands. I am suffering from some major nail envy! I want the long nails I see others have! I just keep breaking mine! Well actually I keep breaking the same one over and over again! Apparently I am just that rough on that finger! What the heck! I am cautious, I don't use my nails as tools, I moisterize, I am careful, but no matter what I do - I break the one nail all the time!!! I want my nails long again! I know once I get them to where I want them, I will just want to cut them again, but still right now I want them to grow!

Looks like I am well on  my way. They are to the point here where I think they are longish. I was trying to make a custom nude for my skin tone too. Pretty close here...

But NOOOO what happens when I am well on my way and close to my long nail goals? I break one! Which one? The same one I keep breaking over and over again of course!

Maybe I need to stop using that finger? :)

So now here I am trying to decide what to do. Do I cut them all - which is what I usually do when one breaks, or do I put a tip on the broken one? I tried the tipping thing before and then I felt that set me back and I had to keep them all short eventually anyway. Part of me wants to just trim my nails down and keep trimming them a bit at a time until that one catches up. But a huge pet peeve of mine is having nails of different lengths. When I see someone who has nails that are different lengths I always wonder why they just wouldn't cut them all and start all over again. And here I am hanging on. Not to mention that now the long nails are really noticable to me and uncomfortable now that one is short. Looks like I will be cutting them all off. :(

What do you do when you are trying to grow your nails and one breaks? Any tips on keeping your nails long and beautiful or do you prefer to keep your nails short?


  1. I have the same problem as you.. I usually just cut them and start all over.

  2. when i break one if it's the middle one i usually file all my nails down just a little bit. it's hard to tell when a middle one is shorter unless you're reeeeally looking hard.

  3. I wouldn't cut them at this phase. the broken nail doesn't look off. you're lucky to have long nail beds, my nails look pretty uneven when I break one, and I have to cut them down!
    I would let the broken one grow and regularly file the others down at the same time. I think they will be even again in no time =)

  4. I would just maybe file the others down so they aren't *as* noticably longer, but keep a little more length than the other. file them little by little every few days til they are all caught up so you don't have to start totally at square one.

  5. I like them short. I wear contacts and do martial arts and I feel uncomfortable with long nails. Plus, I think strong colors look better on short squoval nails.

  6. I always cut them short and start over when I break one. I had to do that yesterday, in fact.

  7. I have one nail that ALWAYS breaks. Just yesterday I was thinking, "wow, this nail is finally getting long!" and guess what? it broke this morning!! I actually yipped when I saw it (and I was in the middle of a lesson on run on sentences too). That's why I ALWAYS photograph my left hand - my right hand has the perpetual breaker ! lol.

  8. PS: I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to see your polish line :D that is SO AWESOME!! I remember MONTHS ago you said you had a big surprise in the works and I was thinking, "ohh, I hope it's polish!" I am so glad you followed your dreams :D

  9. I have a nail that very obviously broke and now my nails are uneven but I flat out refuse to cut the rest of them down because it took so long to grow them out.

  10. i have the same problem! always my pointer finger or thumbs! i got a break on my thumb and tried to just leave it alone and let it grow out, but after a could of weeks it really started bugging me so i cut it down and stuck on a fake nail until it grows out :) I hate having my nails multiple lengths also, I always cut them down or try to "fix" the broken one ;)

  11. Girl, what are you talking about? Your nails and hands are beautiful! I'm not very confident with my hands as they have always been naturally dry which is sad. :( I don't have nice smooth lady hands.

    I have the same problem as you! It bothers me to have different length nails! My co-worker always has different length nails, I really don't get it. Haha. It makes me think that she is too lazy to cut off the rest anddd it doesn't look very attractive. As for me, I like to keep my nails short with just a little bit of length. Since I am obsessive compulsive, I can't have my nails long. :(

  12. I am sure you heard it many times before but I can totally sympathize with you so I want to tell you how I did it.

    (first a little background story) My nails used to be extremely weak. It wouldn't break but tear! It would bend like a piece of paper.. Because it was so bendable, I would have chips on my polish within an hour. Really frustrating!

    (what i've done) I started using nail hardener but I know it's not the healthier thing, so I switched to a "growth support"/kind of vitamin-ish base coat [link 1] before every manicure. Besides that, I also keep in hand a SOS kit with nail glue and silk paper to patch any break I have. I know it might sound like too much effort but, believe me, it is not. Sometimes you have a small chip on the side and it's just a waste to file everything down. Besides, with practice you won't even be able to tell that there's a patch there.

    (what's now) I keep using the growth support as a pre-base coat. I have less and less breaks but whenever I have them I patch! Nowadays I file my nails down by choice because I don't like them too long..

    (regarding to "beautiful" hands/nails) I'd say that 90% of pretty hands I see are due to good photography. Make use of a better lightening and learn better angles. Don't use flash, don't take photos in gloomy days.

    Summarizing: Nail growth support + nail glue + file down when it's too long + avoid making photos unless light is perfect!

    [link 1]

  13. I love your nude, it is really beautiful!

    I have the same problem as you...always my ring finger, why?!?! I usually just cut them or trim the other ones. If it is you middle finger, though, I don't think it is as obvious because the finger is already the longest, so it is hard to tell that the actual nail is shorter.

  14. I vacillate. Sometimes I chop 'em all, sometimes I let shorty catch up. In your case, the only people that nail is going to be obvious to are YOU, and the rest of US because we're finger nail people. No one else is going to notice. So if you can stand it, just let your naughty finger catch up with the rest of them. It's really not that noticeable to the laywoman's eye. :)