Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures - Set V - Are you bored yet?

This is what happens when you leave your contact lens case open all day 
Giving Kat a facial - love how happy they are when I give them facials

B's turn - just as happy! I didn't get one of Coco - I wonder why?

Home made donuts - got the recipe of the Pioneer Woman's website

A note left on my phone by one of my kids

A jewelry shop work bench - loved this, so I had to take a photo

An outhouse in St Augustine

Privacy please!

St Augustine, FL

The dress I had to get for my bro's wedding still in the store window

Holy boobage!

I wore it with a tank top the first time - this is how it looked without it. I just can't leave my house like that!

I decided to make an cover and had planned on making a blog how - to. Apparently I changed my mind 

Here it is before getting sewed in

The after. The boobs still look huge here

Being silly


  1. Cute pictures...I like your dress better with the tank top...licks tongue back atcha :)