Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures - 2 Years in My Life - Part I

I finally decided it was time to clean out all the pictures on my cell phone. I had 1,238 pictures after all! Talk about insane!  As I was downloading all the pictures onto my Mac so that I could delete them from the phone, I was instantly brought back down the memory lane of the last two years. I decided I would spam you with just some of the 1,238 pictures. I will have to make this a series of posts, so I don't spam you all to much in one sitting! I ended up selecting 90 pics to show you! YIKES! So here is part I.
One of my favorite places - Captain Hiram's in Sebastian, FL. It's a bar/restaurant. They have live bands and sitting on the "beach". You can ride your boat in or you can drive up. Perfect seating if you ask me! 
An ultra sound picture my brother sent me of my future nephew. My nephew recently turned 1 and I still carry this around. :)

My other brother's awesome new tattoo. He got it while he was out visiting me over a year ago now.

Juan making faces at Disney. This is his mean muggin face or maybe he's trying his Blue Steel? He does this all the time when I try to take his picture.

Disney at night

At a ball game. Can you tell where we are originally from?

Date night - apparently I forgot the make up that night!

B & Coco playing in Pier 1

Not sure where I took this but it looks cool

I take walks during my lunch break a lot. I happened to look up here and thought it looked cool enough to take a picture

Juan thinking the hat could give him the hair he lost

Teeny as a puppy. She still sits like this on the stairs and she finally grew into those ears!

Sid looking at me like, "Why are you always taking pictures of that puppy? What about me mom?"

Some things you just can't help but take a picture of. What a crazy mullet!!!
Stay tuned for part II....


  1. LMAO! That darned mullet is killing me, M. OMG. Euwww but the rest are really nice. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Love the pictures and I'm guilty of taking mullet/mall bangs hair pics and also horrid fashion pics. The things people wear in public sometimes boggles my mind

  3. The mullet, oh my god. Crazed person! Could be called individuality, but oh well...
    Love the pics. The one you're not sure where you took it is so beautiful.
    Made me smile! Thank you for sharing!

  4. The mullet!!! OMG people in America actually have that kind of hairdo???? It's scary-fascinating...

  5. ah, the mullet. unfortunately i went to school with more than one mullet. for shame!

    you are juan look great together in pics! i can see the love!

  6. lol the mullet is awesome!!

    I just finished looking though all of your photos, I love looking though them in general :) My dad is a photographer so we have many, many photo albums... they are actually numbered! We are in the late 20's now!