Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures - Last Set

Random nail photo

Times Square NYC

Another random nail photo. I took this in my in-laws bathroom - how funny!

My cousin's daughter loves to climb the side of the stairs.   Daring already at such a young age!

My nekkid nails

Super shiny metallic franken
Sid plays dead

Dead jelly fish on the beach

The morning sun

Juan & his boys after 1 too many drinks

The dress Kat will wear to her 15th birthday

When B was in the hospital getting the needle out of her foot - she missed Halloween. Juan came dressed like a scary clown for her

She then made me a "costume" with my phone

A potential centerpiece for Allie's 15th birthday. Needs more - but before I started on them I wanted to see what she thought of the idea.  This is the very last photo on my phone.

So what do you think of the weekend spam? I didn't even show you any of the cute kid photos since I don't want to put their faces on here. Hope you enjoyed the view into my life! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love this kind of spam! That metallic franken is so great, and the pic of the daring young stair climber made me gasp and smile at the same time.

  2. i enyojed looking at these posts :)
    some pics are very funny!! thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the pics. I can't believe how many pics I had on my phone!