Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures - Part II

The view from my seat on the plane on one of our visits to MA

The first and only time I ever shot a gun. Can't wait to try that again!

Coco on our way to Disney for her B-day

A true Disney fans car. (Not our car!!!)

Fireworks at Disney from a pontoon boat. I highly recomend this for anyone who goes to Disney. You rent the pontoon boat for up to 12 people for about $300. They have drinks and snacks and pick you up at the Coronado I believe. You are much closer than it looks here. That blue thing in the middle is the castle. No crowds to mess with - it's like the show is just for you and then they drop you off right at the hotel. You can stay there or take a shuttle back to yours after the show! AWESOME!

A light house in Daytona Beach. I was getting artsy with my iPhone

A sundae Coco made for herself loaded with candy and sprinkles

Yum - that first bite!

This is how Coco sleeps at night - yup I'm not the only Diva in the house!

A UFO - Ha! Ha! it's actually an evening shuttle launch right outside my house!

A comp photo before I was even blogging

Juan trying to find some new shorts. There's that face again!

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  1. I wish you would have got a picture of Juan "in" those shorts!