Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures - Part III

Coco sleeping - that must be one good book!

My nails pre blog days. I'm thinking of going back to this shape.

The sun setting in my old back yard. With this view comes river rats, so it is no longer my back yard!

Good times with friends. Someone was a little tipsy when taking this picture!

A photo my friend took of me and the waiters. I sent this to Juan.

His response? Sending me a picture of his friend's ass. That's a Denmark ass - his friend was visiting us from there.

A pre-blog outfit of the day. I just love taking pictures of myself apparently. What the heck was I thinking? Those are the cutest suede Converse bootie sneakers that translated into kitty paws with this outfit! I can't believe I went around in this all day and thought it looked good enough to take a picture of!!! What was I thinking!

On one of the girl's field trips we got to see a real brain! Seriously - what have field trips come to!

Practicing with the shake weight at work. Hey a girl's got to keep those arms in shape even at work!

Kat wants a masquerade ball for her 15th birthday. Here are some masks we went and checked out. This one is my favorite.

She can really pull the masks off!

Pretty - but I like the ones with the handles

Potential mask for Juan?

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