Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enter to Win a Pair of Whooga Ugg Boots

I was contacted by Whooga Ugg Boots asking if I would post a link to their website and their Ugg Boot give-away. After checking them out, not only am I willing to post, but I want a pair. First let me start by saying that I love Ugg boots. They may not be the cutest, but they are the best!!! LOVE uggs!

I have not tried the Whooga brand, but now I am very interested in trying them, so why not try for a chance to win a pair, right? To be entered to win you just have to sign up to receive their newsletter, you can do that on their website. http://www.whooga-eu.co.uk/. I already did! Fingers crossed!

I know most people think of UGG Australia, the brand when wanting ugg boots, but I owned 1 pair of that brand and will never buy them again. See, I have a friend from Australia who alerted me to the shadiness of UGG Australia when trying to establish themselves as a company. Did you know saying "Go put on your uggs" is like us saying "Go put on your sneakers". It is a generic term for the boots that most of us recognize now as UGG Australia the brand. A lot of people believe that they are the only "real" UGG boots. The reality is it would be like Nike Trademarking the name Sneakers and not allowing any other company to use the term sneakers anymore. As a result I found another Australian brand recommended by my friend. It ends up costing slightly less than UGG Australia boots and the quality is far superior in my opinion. I tend to buy myself a new pair of uggs every year, and this year I am tossed up between the chocolate and black ones. My old chocolate ones have seen their day and are several years old, so I am thinking they are the ones that should be replaced. But I don't have black ones, and would love a pair in black, so maybe I should get those? hmmm decisions, decisions.


There are several great reviews of Whooga posted on their website, and via a quick google search, so I am definitely going to switch and give them a try with my next pair. Now if I could just order them in the next week, that would be awesome! Why you ask? Well Whooga has agreed to give my followers a 10% discount through Wednesday December 1st. If you decide you want to purchase a pair instead of waiting to see if you win a pair, just enter promo code: 1049R3DAILY
And I will sheepishly admit (pun intended), I kind of want to get them just because of the box. It is so cute! Looks like a gift!

So do you own any ugg style boots? What's your favorite color? How do you wear yours?