Friday, November 5, 2010

A Fail, A Decsion & A Win

I created a purple polish with pink and blue glitter and it came out a complete and utter fail if you ask me. The blue is barely visible and while the pink glitter is too big is isn't as noticeable as I wanted. I think it needed more glitter, but the glitter was so thick it wasn't smooth anymore. I was so disappointed. But I took pictures for you anyway! FAIL!

In the bottle it looks really promising though? Maybe I will try this one again at a later date.

But then when I took the pictures and looked at my nails - YUCK!!! OK maybe I am just not cut out for gorgeous long nails - because these just do not look pretty! So that is where the decision came in. I was going to cut them. I just didn't cut them ALL the way down. I haven't really had much time. I will shape them up this weekend and get them all pretty again.

My new length. This came out as an accidental red jelly. The color layered really nicely and went from bright red to dark cherry red depending on the light. WIN! It looks like I am stealing the color right out of the rose! 
You can see I didn't cut them ALL the way down here. But close enough for now. It was so shiny - but I didn't take the pictures for a few days, so this is my days old manicure. 

I think these look much better than the long length. Maybe if I just shaped them up while they were long I would have been OK? Oh well, time to let them grow all over again. 

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Mine will be cleaning and laundry. SOOO not fun!  So hopefully your's will be better than mine!


  1. I really love this length & the latter polish =)

  2. I hate it when glitter polishes look all bumpy. :( It was a good idea though.
    I like the length you have with the red polish.

  3. Call me prejudiced, but I like the everything. The purple, the red, and the long nails...and the short. :) I'm easy to please, what can I say. I think you might try shaping them to a shape that is more pleasing to your eye before chopping them next time, just as an experiment. You can always get out the clippers!
    As for the weekend, I had plans, but unless the chirocracker can set me straight, I may be spending it in bed. :( It just sucks to be me right now...maybe after Wednesday it will be awesome to be me again!