Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Now let's shop!

One of my favorite places to shop is on The items are almost always unique, it isn't what you see out there in stores and you are supporting small businesses. While many of you may be preparing for some major Black Friday shopping, I plan on sleeping in. That is a big change from previous years. But I have already knocked out a ton of my shopping on Etsy. YAY! Here are some of the things I found, maybe it will help inspire you. I put the shop page links on here for you as items are constantly changing on Etsy, but at least if you like something you know the shop it's from. The prices are the prices that were on the site when I was on there shopping, so those may be slightly different as well. But I looked for items that were $50 or less since the goal for me is staying within budget. Anyone in my family reading this, you may want to stop here or risk ruining the surprise of what I got you for Christmas!


A one of a kind apron for $32 and matching potholder for $8. Shipping: $6.50. Total cost: $46.50

A unique and simple gift, and if your lucky, they will get in the kitchen and cook you one of their awesome dishes! 

Give to: Mom, Mother in law, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Friend or anyone else in your life who loves to cook.

My Fragrant Place

Candle Party Collection $28. Shipping: $10.80

Two candles and some break away tarts, you choose the scent.

Give to: Parents, In Laws, Friends, or the candle lover in your life. 


Christmas Cupcake Bath Bomb Gift Set of 3:$12. Shipping: $3.50

Yummy! These are soo cute. Sometimes I have people at the office get me something little. I am not one for exchanging gifts at work, but I always buy about 2 or 3 gifts in the $10 range and keep them wrapped in my office, that way if someone brings me a gift, I have something to give back. But I do like to give a little something to the members of my team. Since there are only 2 other people on my "team" I can separate this out between the two of them and give each of them one with a card and maybe some candy and then keep the other one for me! YAY!

Give to: Co-worker, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Also perfect for secret gift exchanges.

Orange Fuzz Boutique

Eco Friendly Shaving Kit: $35 Shipping:$11

Shaving soap made with Rhassoul clay and Guinness Extra Stout Beer, after shave, a bar of soap and a Boar Bristle Shaving Brush packaged in a cigar box. How adorable is this? 

Give to: Dad, Father in Law, Significant Other, Grandad, Male Boss, Brother, Uncle.


Modern Stackable Cuff Bracelets. Brass. $30.00

This is a set of three custom sized brass bangle bracelets. I have been wanting to replace my Alex & Ani bracelets since I lost them. But I am really digging these and I can get 3 for $2 more than one Alex and Ani. They have these in Sterling Silver for $54 too, hmmm maybe someone will get the hint and get me a set or two of these? Actually, they have a sterling silver banged up one for $30, so since we all know Juan reads my blog, let him know that he should buy me this and the silver banged up one for Christmas - will ya? :)

Give to: Your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, friend

Tortoise Loves Donkey

Cup O' Air Plant $8.50 Shipping: $3.00

This is just too adorable to me. It is a little air plant and they put it in a cup. CHEAP and adorable. Perfect if your office does a secret Santa gift exchange or anything like that. They can just keep this at their desk. Cute and simple! 

Give to: Co-worker, friend, or any gardener in you life!

I am thinking of grabbing this or something similar for the Secret Santa gift at the office, or one of the larger terrariums for my boss.

Evilshades s/blog/
and of course

OK, so this is not an Etsy shop, but still makes a perfect gift. 

Create your own set mini $9.00 Shipping: Not sure - but I don't remember it being bad.

You get to choose your mini set from the options below. Having tried Evil Shades, all I can say is this is great stuff. If you have a makeup fanatic in your life, you need to get them some of her stuff. 

#1 Your choice of 2 full size Wicked gloss and 2 full size Eye shadows

#2 Your choice of 1 full size blush, 1 full size Wicked gloss and 1 full size eye shadow
#3 Your choice of 2 full size Wicked Gloss' and 1 full size blush
#4 Your choice of 3 full size eye shadows and 1 full size Wicked gloss

Give to: The makeup fanatic in your life, sister, friend, daughter, Daughter in law, Daughters friends.

I plan on having my oldest daughter pick out a few sets for her friends. 

Adorable hooded towels for the little monsters in your life:$32 Shipping: $9

Give to: nieces & nephews

I have a niece and nephew that are both under the age of 2, so it makes it a little tougher to find good gifts for them, since I am sure they will get more toys than kids that age need. So these are the perfect gifts! A bit over the budget, but too cute not to get!

I even bought Juan's Christmas gift through an Etsy seller. We set a $100 limit for each other, and my gift is perfect. I won't show you until after the holidays since he reads the blog though. Hope some of these ideas gets you inspired and ready for the shopping ahead!


  1. what great ideas! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Etsy. I've already ordered a lot of my friends Christmas presents there.


  3. You can purchase Alex and Ani bangles (if you want to replace yours) at 20% off already low prices at with the code: cyber2010

    :) Posted by ZeeBerry Customer Service.