Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a Quick Update

I'm still here - but man has this been a week! I got my custom illustration to add to my logo which you have all seen by now, but trying to make it work with the Cult Nails website. UGH! I want the page to be simple and not cluttered, but the existing website design doesn't really work to well with my awesome updated logo. Not only that I have been working hard with the final polish colors and finalizing the colors for the 2nd collection which will release in March. I have had some research stuff going on for some of the colors, which has NOT been easy or fun. Can I just say this week I actually missed just going out and buying polishes I love and posting them on here for you all? Life was so much easier... But I think that is just because it has been an extra busy week that I am feeling that way.

On a good note - My purple/grey color has been approved and if all goes well it should be in production by next week!!!! EEK! How exciting is that? Of course like all the purples we love it is proving impossible to photograph! I am bringing my camera to work today so I can go to the park during lunch and try to take some pictures in the sun and hopefully that works out. Juan will also most likely have to use his light boxes and nice camera and take some for me as well. It is all becoming REAL now that I've approved the color.

I should have Tierny's blue in my hand by the end of this week and if it's approved that will be going into production with the purple/grey. I was told everyone who has seen it so far has been dying over this color and it's AMAZING. So now I really can't wait to get it in my hands! I am hoping Tierny thinks it's as amazing as everyone who has seen it thinks!

As for the red holo... well we are still working on that one. It isn't easy to make a red holo apparently. This one is proving to be a big project. So far 6 have been rejected. Let's see how many more will be, before we get it perfect? HA!

Anyway - I have no pictures for you all right now. But do you guys want to see the final approved purple/grey..... Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my goshhhh I can't wait to see my blue!! And your other polishes OF COURSE. But I am still so excited that I won [:

    I would love to see the approved purple/grey!!

  2. I love the new logo!!!!! I can't wait to see the new colors! You have successfully inspired me to go back to my nail regimen and grow-out my own nails again. I am on the hunt for a deep chestnut brown that almost looks black but in the sunlight sparkles like amber and gold. I would name it "wicked ambrosia"...not sure why. I think because in Greek Mythology the gods held power at their fingertips just by consuming it. Maybe "wicked elixir" or "nectar" would be better? I don't know...

  3. your new layout looks awesome! sorry i have been absent for a few days! i am just so exctied for you!