Friday, November 19, 2010

Proposed Military Pay Freeze

OK - obviously you can tell by the title of this post that this is a non nail related post. But this one has been bugging me. A Presidential Panel has recommended freezing military pay for three years starting in 2011. WTF!!! Seriously? So you want to freeze the pay of the people that keep you safe and comfy in your own home? I mean come on! What is the government thinking here? The idea is that it will save the federal gov't $7.6 billion dollars in compensation and tax expenditures. Well I am pretty sure the military isn't what got us into this hole in the first place! I don't want to get all political here, but perhaps instead of looking at the military as a place to cut salaries, look at the true options we might have. Look at the budgets set. With a husband in the military we tend to live in areas where there are a lot of government jobs. I hear time and again that if you don't use all the money in your budget, you lose it. So a lot of money gets spent on things that aren't even needed just so the budget isn't lost for the next year. REALLY? How about a budget that is looked at each year and changed each year dependent on those needs rather than a use or lose option. How about not paying out the ass for things that we can get cheaper elsewhere? I mean let's really look at this rather than just saying we can cut the salaries out of the military.

I read that military pay is great and that it is better than civilian counterparts. Maybe you can get by with the BS if you don't understand what a true compensation package looks like. But when I add in my husbands salary and all the other add ins like medical benefits(that suck by the way, but we won't talk about that now.) and everything else they get and I compare it to what he would get paid including the benefits package on the outside - he would stand to make about 70% more in total compensation!!! OK so maybe it isn't like that for all jobs or careers within the military, but for my husband's situation, that is the reality. My husband stays in because of the love he has for our country and firmly believe his job makes a difference for all of us. He comes from a patriotic family. I guess we both do. His grandfather, dad and brother all did their 4 years in the Air Force. My dad served in the Army and in Vietnam, my older brother in the Marines, and my younger brother chose the life of being a cop instead of the military, but he is still serving and protecting.  Believe me none of them did it for the money!

I have begged Juan to get out of the military. His life would be safe, our standard of living would go up, I mean all around it's a better deal if you ask me. So the idea of freezing military pay is just absolutely outrageous to me! Let's get real! These families have to move on the whim of the military, often spouses can't work because their husbands deploy so much. These families depend on the income of their military spouse and you want to freeze it? Juan and I are lucky in that I have been able to find good jobs with each move. Not all families are that fortunate. This panel ought to talk to some of these families. I bet this panel wouldn't be willing to give up their salaries for three years!

OK, so sorry for the rant, but it really is just one of those things that just gets under my skin. The military is losing more benefits everyday and the sacrifice is no longer seen as a sacrifice for our freedom. How quickly people forget.

To read the article click here.

To let the Department of Defense (DoD) and your elected officials know how you feel about these cost cutting proposals click here.

For those of you still with me, thank you for reading my rant. We'll get back to nails soon - I promise!


  1. That is some straight up bullshit. WTF? I cannot even believe someone fixed their mouth to even suggest that in the first place. OMG.

  2. What L said. Unbelievable. I'm writing NOW. Utter bullshit.

  3. I completely agree with you one hundred percent. My cousin is Army SF, his wife is from Germany and he deploys so much that even if she was a citizen, she wouldn't be able to work. They have 3 kids, and his salary is all that they have. This makes me so mad. Instead of cutting money for people who can AFFORD a pay cut *ahem congress ahem* they're trying to take it from people who barely get by as it is, the very people we have to thank for being able to live life the way we do? That infuriates me.

  4. What presidential panel?
    Who created the panel?
    Who is on the panel?