Friday, November 26, 2010

Time to Decorate for the Holidays

Some of you may have chosen to partake in some Black Friday shopping, some of you might be recovering from yesterday and yet others will start their decorating. I fall into the latter group, we decorate our house and tree the day after Thanksgiving each year. The tree is up, we have checked to see which lights are working and which aren't. We'll head out sometime after 11am when all the early morning sales are over and grab what we need and then the fun will begin! This really has to be one of my favorite days of the year. I absolutely love the decorating, almost as much as I love watching people open the gifts I get them, that pure unadulterated joy and happiness. Love it!

Anyway I put on a red jelly I had made a while back for Thanksgiving. I already showed it on here, so messing with the camera, I decided since it was Black Friday, I would turn on the color accent feature on my camera which turns everything into black and white except the color you are highlighting. I love playing with this feature.

Here it is in full color, I took this while we were driving home from my cousins house.

This one really showcases how jelly this polish is, you can see my free edge underneath. You can't see the free edge in person, I think it was the flash going off that made it visible.  I love how dripping wet it looks! My ring looks so filthy though - time for a cleaning!

And here it is with the color accent turned on.
How cool does this look? I feel like I am in a black and white movie, where you can envision just how red her nails are . 

I also softened my nail shape. I was going for the almond shape, but stopped here. I like it, but I think my personality is more suited for the defined square shape. What does that say about my personality? Does it show my age? Since the current "look" is supposedly just a little free edge and almond. I will give this look some time before I decide. I think it looks great with red, let's see how it looks with other colors.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'll post some of our decorations tomorrow if you guys want to see them.


  1. i am working! this is my last holiday working, next week I start a Mon-Friday no holiday schedule!!!!!! wooooot! I love your new nail shape, it looks like mine so I am biased!

  2. I want to decorate! My stepdad doesn't want to haul the tree out of the shop yet. Maybe today he will change his mind since the snow has mostly melted. Except I just realized almost all of us have to work today so that probably means no decorating until at least Sunday.
    I would love to see some of your decorations!!
    That red looks great by the way.

  3. red jellies are awesome :) looks great on you

  4. Beautiful!!! That is soooo cool! And yes to decorations!