Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who's Your Favorite Blogger?

Besides mine of course! ;)

I am putting aside a small handful of polishes from my upcoming collection to send to bloggers. I am having some trouble picking which bloggers I want to ask for a review. Here is my dilemma, there are some bloggers that I LOVE, but then I don't want to show favoritism. I know I have this issue with trying to be fair and ethical and even though ultimately the choice is mine, (If they agree) but I really want to try to make it fair.

OK so here is what I am looking for. I want bloggers that represent a variety of individuals. I know it may sound crazy, but I feel like I can represent my Spanish girls pretty well since I am after all Puerto Rican with what is considered the "typical" olive Spanish skin tone. But I want bloggers that are not like me. I want some with long nails, short nails, dark skin, light skin, overseas, here in the U.S. But most of all I want bloggers that are honest and ethical. I don't want someone blowing smoke, I want honest reviews. I am working my butt off to create the perfect product, but it could be possible that my idea of perfection can be made more perfect and with honest reviews and feedback I can make my product even better. Now of course my goal is that all reviews are positive because I feel like the product I am putting out there will be amazing, but I will feel better knowing that awesome review came from an amazing an honest person. You now what I mean?

Anyway, I have my list of who I think fits the bill for these types of blogs, but I want to see what you think. Who would you like to see wearing and reviewing Cult Nails? Let me know and give me the reason why. And no need to be shy, you can name your own blog if you want. :) But if you do, give me one more blog besides yours too. I am going to take time over the weekend to finalize the bloggers I want to ask to review the product and hopefully they will say yes and we can all see reviews in the last week of December or first week of January if everything goes well. Fingers are crossed! Of course Tierny the winner of the color contest will get a head start as I will send her the colors first. But I will leave that up to her as to whether she wants to review them and post them on her blog.

Can't wait to hear your opinions!


  1. I think to be fair pick some favorites but you also need to start out showing a range of hands and not to be funky about it but not just the same shade of hands lol You know what I mean right? Range of nail lengths, complexions would be your best bet and then add a few of your faves in there.

  2. L - Exactly! You totally get me! So now it is just deciding who those amazing bloggers will be!

  3. I would suggest mine but that seems selfish but I really like My Simple Little Pleasures. She has really nice nails and does interesting nail art with polishes. It gives a different spin on that polish. Link:

  4. Two more:
    The Phalanges Files.

    Frazzle and Anipolish.

  5. I will definitely say I think Ange (Scandalously Polished) and L (Bright Lights, Big Color) fit perfect for what your asking. Different Skin tones, Different nail lengths, and both very honest! That's my vote!

  6. I'm also going to put a vote in for The Phalanges Files as well as Emerald Sparkled ( and Scandalously Polished.

  7. There are so many fabulous bloggers out there it is hard to choose! However I would recommend Brooke (Babbling Brooke):

    I have always found her reviews very helpful!

  8. I put quite a bit of thought into this! I hope it helps. I know you have put alot of thought into this!

    Non-US bloggers:
    Jacie- You've Got Nail
    Kaz-Pretty Random
    Skulda- Skulda's Claws
    Marie- Mon coin a Moua

    For US bloggers I know some of them are completely overwhelmed by the amount of product they are sent to review, so I guess I would look at that. I would also look at bloggers who have a x audience, polish bloggers that feauture MU or beauty bloggers that feature guest bloggers, ie soaper1 for KarlaSugar

    Can't wait!

  9. I would love to feature your polish line on my blog :) I consider my nails to be short to medium length depending on how I am feeling. I am a Canadian blogger, but my nationality is full Italian, I would consider my skin tone to be lighter/fair.

    I would also like to see your polishes on longer nails, maybe the Hungry Asian or The Manicured Manatee's blog :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to share your lines with others, I can't wait to see the finalized colours!

  10. Brown hands:

    I vote for myself :) I Would be delighted to do an honest review as I do for other reviews. I have mid length nails.

    Other bloggers:
    Piff: from polish or perish-short nails
    Another bottle of polish: long nails

    Thanks for posting this *-*

  11. for pale hands, i vote for my girls scandalously polished, vampy varnish and/or polished insomniac.

    for med. skin tones, i have to nudge myself in there ;), also Jacie from YGN, and Asami Ramirez

    and for darker skin tones, there is RM Candlelight, Landa from BL,BC and Krissy from Addicted to All Things Pretty :)

    all have a variety of nail lengths and shapes, are brutally honest, have a huge audience, and have stunning photos and beautiful blogs.

  12. There are quite a few people in the blogging community that would fit the bill so I can completely understand the dilemma! Temptalia is one of the most honest bloggers out there I think, she's honest no matter what in my humble opinion and I also think Vampy Varnish is a great nail blogger too for her honest reviews. You've got Nail is pretty awesome too. I also think you should pick some smaller blogs too (though for the life of me I can't think of any at the moment!) Nouveau Cheap is a great blogger as well, I trust her opinion very much. I'd like to put my blog out there too. It's not very big yet, but I pride myself on being honest about what I review. Plus I only review cruelty-free brands. I'm a Canadian university student, and very fair with short nails so I think I represent a unique category, though I try to make my blog available and useful to everyone. My blog is at if you want to take a look. I'm really excited to see more from your range (if you do choose to send to me or not!). Best of luck with what I'm sure is going to be a difficult picking process!

  13. I can't believe I forgot to mention Varnish Vixen! She's great, I love her blog and she's so friendly as well!

  14. Huummm other than myself lol

    I would suggest a friend of mine that loooooves nailpolishes, ans she is actually thinking of taking a manicure curse, Akuma Kanji (she's from Portugal like me) her Blog is:

    From the U.K.:
    Fashion Champagne Beauty:
    Gem Fatale's Blog:
    From Gem with love:

    From the U.S.A.:
    Brooklyn Blonde:

    The Blonde Salad:

    Style Scrapbook:

    Fashioned in Finland:

    Dannii Beauty:

    Hope it helps ^^ xoxox

  15. If I have the time I would love to review your polishes. Things have been a bit crazy and I haven't been able to wear polish much since I started school but I will figure something out.

    I would suggest Babbling Brooke

    and Nailstah.

  16. I highly recommend Scrangie for the exposure, Temptalia for exposure and very honest reviews, and maybe even Jen

  17. Since I have olive skin, too, your pics are some of my favorite!

    But I have to pick another blogger, I'd recommend Scrangie. Her pictures bring out the best in polish and her observations are definitely her own with insightful details.

  18. Kris from My Lucid Bubble, Jackie from Candy Coated Tips, Landa from BL, BC, All You Desire, and Nailstah. These ladies offer you variety and accurate and honest reviews.

  19. Because I follow so many blogs it's hard to choose! I think you should pick some of your favorites and they have to be honest since you like them.

    From the usa I love Scrangie.
    From my country (The Netherlands) I really like and I have a pale skin too, but ofcourse I don't want to favour myself :P I also like from Slovenia
    from germany:
    hope it helped you!

  20. I can't even start to imagine the dilemma you're going through, the bloggers who'll receive your first samples will be holding your "baby" in their hands, so choosing them has got to be haaaard :/

    I'd vote for Kae from Hungry Asian because her pictures are really great and Ange from Scandalously polished because she's pure honesty and Jbrobs from Polish Insomniac for both of the reaons mentioned before :)
    I'd also like to mention my blog ( of course but being foreign and all I know it's probably going to be a lot of trouble for you.

  21. Too many to choose.

    I do know this much...Evil Angel's talons are legendary.

    I'm definitely going to buy some, but can't wait to see reviews. They always help me make wise decisions.


  22. *hehe* I think everyone was named! I don't have a favourite, but all the blogs I look at have been named here, give or take a few!

  23. I really like Polish Hoarder Disorder. Very nice blog and great pictures/swatches.

  24. whoa. so everyone I was going to say was put out there by like the first 10 comments. so I'm putting in a vote for the people in the first 10. phalange files, my simple little pleasure, babbling brooke, etc. lol

  25. Nailstah, Babbling Brooke, Polish Hoarder Disorder, ANOTHER Bottle of Polish?!...the list could go on and on.

  26. I would love to showcase your polishes on my blog of course (Pretty in Dayton)! But I know I don't take the best pics. Totally would vote for Kelly of Vampy Varnish and my girl Michelle at All Lacquered Up.

  27. Ah! I can't believe I forgot these two when I commented earlier. Caitlin over at Chrysanthemum

    and Steff of Short N' Chic

  28. I vote for KellieGonzo because she is the shiz :)

  29. I'd really be happy to see the reviews of Trincess @ emeraldsparkled, Varnish Vixen and Polish Hoarder Disorder for fair skinned ladies; Collette of My Simple Little Pleasures, Landa of Bright Lights Big Color and Jackie of Candy coated tips for darker skinned ladies.
    And still being shy, I'dd add a humble vote for myself. :) ( Hey, I'm russian! Isn't that a rare occassion here?! Hahaha. Well, I'm not a blogger of big audience (hopefully yet), but what you can see in my blog now, will change as the new year starts (hopefully, too), I plan on creating a whole new attitude.
    After all, I'm very interested in your production :)
    Let your decision be simple. :)

  30. Well of course I'd love it if you picked us over at Manicure Mommas.

    As for other than our blog, I'd choose Babbling Brooke and Kellie Gonzo.

    Good luck with whichever blogs you choose.

  31. Ooh, fun! Everyone I know and love has already been mentioned, and I think Landa is perfect for a darker skinned beauty with an honest opinion, as is Jackie of Candy Coated Tips and Rhonda, who commented above. I love Kellie's blog because her skin is a little more olive than mine and her nails are awesome for medium to short length, immaculate grooming! Of course my favorite "top tier" bloggers are Kelly of VV and Scrangie, they're both very honest and take great photos. Andrea has lovely talons and she has an unusual native skintone, Ange is very honest and she's good for showcasing a pale hand as well. As far as foreign blogs, Marie of Mon Coin a Moua, All You Desire, Lacquerized, Sarah from Brazil has Them Pretty Colors and she has lovely long nails, Jacie from Australia You've Got Nail for short to medium length...well so many lovely choices! Of course I'd love to be considered as well. ;) But I cannot wait to see your colors! So excited for you.

  32. I'd love to see them on Nihrida, Gonzo, Landa and Lacquerized and Marie. I know Scrangie is *the* place everyone goes for swatches, but she seems to be overwhelmed by the massive amount of stuff she is sent. I think Lacquerized has pictures that are just as awesome as Scrangie, and possibly less overwhelmed by all the stuff showing up in her inbox, so your product would be showcased alot quicker. That's just my opinion though.

  33. I love my photos at ;-) Really ;-) ;D

  34. I would love to do a review (just putting it out there) -

    But I really enjoy Lacquerized and Scrangie's swatches and reviews as well, they are my favorite go-to blogs that have really good pictures and their reviews are on the dot.

  35. In all honesty, most of my favorites have been named above. I think you should pick who YOU want to pick from all the ranges. Youre a smart woman, though. Im sure you'll choose wisely.

  36. Of course, I'd love to do a review, though my blog is small and fairly new:

    I would really like to see your colors on You've Got Nail, Nihrida, and Lacquerized in particular.

  37. Wow, most of the ones I'd suggest are already mentioned, but I'll have to concur that Laquerized would be a good one. The ones I'm thinking of that are not on this list are Nouveau Cheap ( and Crystal Polish ( Just so many to choose from! If my blog weren't so tiny and focusing on other stuff as well as polish, I'd volunteer to happily review, but uh, yeah, I'm thinking that would just be silly.