Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Week Almost Over

I can't believe how fast the time is going by! It feels like this year just began and here it is already coming to an end in just a few short weeks! Crazy!

Anyway I tried to remove the stains from my nails today. Talk about a failed process! I tried taking some pictures, but the pictures are deceiving! The first picture you can see the staining a little, but in the second picture they don't look so bad. Kind of makes me feel crazy!

 I was determined to rid my nails of the stains and have beautiful white tips and pink nail beds. I started by soaking my nails in Hydrogen Peroxide, then brushing them with a nail brush and baking soda.

Zero improvement! So I moved on to a spin brush and whitening toothpaste followed by more Hydrogen Peroxide and another brushing. Still no improvement. In the second picture you can see they are still stained. Oh well, I tried! I guess I should just repaint them - hmmm, what color should I choose?

 After a long day at work, I came home to a lot of the Christmas presents I ordered from Etsy. I am so impressed. I showed what I ordered on here, but in person these gifts look great! I can't believe how fast everything arrived. If you remember I posted a hint for John for some bracelets to replace the Alex & Ani bracelets I lost. Well someone from ZeeBerry commented that they were having a discount on their site of 20% and they carried Alex & Ani Bracelets. Normally I would think something like this is a spam comment, but the way it was written, made me second guess that and so I checked it out. What I found out is that Zeeberry is a 100% women owned company, owned by two women. So maybe they are just trying to get the name out there. Plus I liked the way they set up their site and they have a great selection and pricing.  It just so happened that comment posted on the same day I won $50 at work in a 50/50 raffle.  So I decided I would replace my Alex & Ani bracelets. I bought different ones this time, since I am still holding out hope that I will find the ones I lost. I paid $28 for each of the three that I had lost, so $84 for three. On Zeeberry with their sale going on I was able to get the Tree of Life/Good Luck 7 bracelet group and I ordered another charm bangle, but instead of a red charm, I got the black one. I paid $50.54 for all of them! SCORE! They arrived today too. Check them out!

I am hoping the Good Luck Charm will be just that for the remainder of this year and the year to come! 

Here's a quick picture of the bracelets on with my still nekkid nails. I want to order a set of silver ones to mix in with these. I'm just happy to have some small thin buildable bangles back on my wrists. I especially love that the bangles are made of recycled materials. 

Ironically in the last picture, you can actually see the stains on my nails better than in the pictures above! Go figure! I still haven't painted my nails. We had to go to the Science Fair at Coco's school. She won 2nd place! What a perfect end to an otherwise long day! Now off to paint my nails, if I can figure out what I want to wear. 


  1. This is what works for me and my nails had a brownish stain: very warm water in a cereal bowl, drop in 3-4 denture cleansing fizzy tablets, insert fingertips - soak 15 minutes.

    And the other thing is that underneath a dark brown or blue or green or black color I use 2 coats of basecoat, wait a couple of hours to thoroughly dry before putting on the dark color.

    Oh, and I thought my nails stained more when I buffed the top of them to remove the ridges, so I no longer remove the ridges. I'm guessing they're less porous that way so they don't absorb more of the stain? Seems to help though.

    Anyhoo, I hope you find what works well for you!

  2. I do the same thing, M. I also wear 2 base coats though.

  3. I love those bracelets! Thanks for sharing the info on ZeeBerry.

    Congrats to Coco! As a prize winning scientist, maybe she can help you with your stain removal experiments ;) Even the spin brush didn't work? Crazy!

  4. I just bought some stuff that seemed to help me. Shoot me and email and I'll get the stain stuff to you. Its a pro only product, so I'll pick it up next time I hit the supplyhouse. I've got a post scheduled a couple weeks from now about it

  5. I've tried many times to get rid of staining after one unfortunate incident a few months ago where I didn't use base coat...still kicking myself for that one. Do let us know if you find something that works!

  6. I popped over to say that the denture tablets are what works best for me as well. I've tried lots of different things, and that's always been the best.

    I'd love to see a bright purple!

  7. Thanks for the awesome shoutout to! I'm so glad you love your bangles. I'm going to contact you directly too, but wanted to share a little more love with your readers - take an additional 10% off your entire order with the code: zb10 We also carry Energy Muse and Dogeared, and we are super excited to have just picked up Ettika and Foxy Originals!@

  8. Thanks for the tips everyone - I have tried the denture tabs before with little success. Buffing works, but like desertnails8, I think that makes the problem worse later. Scandalous - I am totally emailing you!

    Zeeberry - seriously? Another reason to shop! YAY!