Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Evil Shades Cuticle Balm

I recently placed an order for my Daughter's friends for some Evil Shades gift sets. Of course that meant that I ordered myself a set and a Cuticle Balm. I have been dying to try Andrea's cuticle balm, so I was so excited when I came home last night to find her package had arrived. When the package arrived there were three candy canes in the package. Since I have three daughters they swooped in and grabbed those before I even finished taking the goods out of the package. I will have to post a review on the make up items I got when I have some time. The eye shadows look amazing and she sent two free eye shadow samples and a sample of her new perfume. The eye shadow samples look so cool - I think I'm going to have to hide them from my daughter. I also ordered a gloss which is AMAZING. So look for some reviews on all that soon.

For now let's get to the cuticle balm. If you aren't sure what a cuticle balm is, let me explain. It is basically cuticle oil hardened into a thick almost was like consistency which will "melt" instantly upon contact with your skin. It is not a hand cream. Typically you will find cuticle balms in tiny metal containers. Evil Shades cuticle balm comes in a generous no frills 2 oz container.
This isn't closed all the way. It seals shut evenly. I just placed the cap on top so I could hurry up and use it after taking the picture. :)

You can see the cuticle balm here. Can I just say it smells amazing! I can't quite place the smell. It is sweet smelling but not sickeningly so.  It is very light and pretty. 

I tend to use the top side of a nail to scoop my balms. I also tend to use them at night and after rubbing them into my cuticles, I spread them across the rest of my hands. It is so rich in oils it looks like it will be great for dry winter hands. 

Here it is all rubbed in. (Yup I'm still rockin' Coco's manicure!) You can see it glistening on my hands. Because this is a balm, I wouldn't recommend using this all over your hands during the day unless you have time for it all to soak in. During the day I would recommend just using it on your cuticles. Because it is a balm it will stay with a greasy feel for about 5 minutes or until it soaks in. Now that it is rubbed in my hands feel so soft. This is going on my nightstand for my evening applications. I paid $6 for this cuticle balm. I noticed on her site she also has a hand cream, I'd be interested in trying that one as well.

Edited to add: When I woke up this morning my hands were still extremly soft and they still had a hint of the scent of the balm. Yum! I couldn't resist re-applying.

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