Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Half Moon Manicure

I received the latest issue of InStyle magazine this weekend and they showed a taupe and black half moon manicure as the latest manicure to have. I had to laugh since I have sported this one occasionally over the last several years, but it is nice to see that it is making it's way to the mainstream. I know a lot of you also have been wearing this look for a while now too. I think it looks great on longer nails, but I used to sport the look when my nails were super short too, so really any length goes with this style. The easiest way for me to do this is free hand so that I can get the look that works with my nail size and shape. I chose to use My Kind of Kool Aid for the base color and black for the moon. I didn't take color accurate pictures since I figured that you have seen the color before, so it looks really grey in these photos. These photos are more for style than anything else, so hopefully you don't mind. Here's the manicure.

And because I can never leave well enough alone, I decided I would use the LA Splash Nail Glitters over the half moon on one nail. Unfortunately because I am notoriously impatient, while the polish was dry to the touch, it was apparently still a little tacky and the glitter not only got all over the nail, but all over me and everywhere in my house. UGH! I immediately took it off and redid the nail back to just a half moon manicure.

On another note, A friend of Juan's got married on Saturday at The Medieval Times. It was a casual wedding, and this is the manicure I wanted to do for the night. Unfortunately we ran out of time so I went without the moons being done. But here is the outfit that I wore.

The shirt and shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I wish the shirt bottom wasn't banded. I think I am going to unband it, I hate banded bottom shirts. (On a side note, not that I don't love Charlotte Russe, since it seems so much of my clothes is from there, but it is seriously one of the few stores around here where I can get cute clothes. I wish I had a good mall nearby.) The jeans are Levi's and the jacket is from Express.

As an added bonus Coco who is 11 did her own Christmas inspired nails. She did a red base with green tips and then added some glitter. So cute! She really does an amazing job with her nails, she does all my friends nails for them! I have to let her do mine one of these days. I am way to much of a perfectionist, but I think the next manicure I do will be done by her. I'll share the results. Now if I could get her to stop biting them!


  1. Love it! Not sure how it will look on me, so I am gonna try Coco's design.. which color do I paint first? Do you have a tutorial on this? I will look :) Have a super awesome day!

  2. I love these half moon manis, but I have such tiny nails as it is, I feel like they would look ridiculous on me! But I do like that color combo!

  3. You did an excellent job on the half moon. You have a steady hand girl. I have yet to try it. I love the look of half moons :)

    Love the outfit too.

  4. Love the half moons. I need to freehand mine because the reinforcements dont work for me :/ My suggestion for getting Coco to stop biting? Little kid press on nails. they make them in tiny sizes so they'll fit her and not be hoochie mama long. Once she gets used to having something on her nails she'll probably stop biting. Thats what I did when I was in 8th grade to break the habit =)