Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's Get Back to Nails

As you know around Thanksgiving I posted about wanting to try almond shape nails out. I haven't quite bitten the bullet yet, but I gave it a go on one finger. I cracked my thumb nail just a smidge, so I decided that would be the perfect nail to try it out on. I looked online for instructions and here is what I found.

1. Visually create a line in the center of your nail.
2. Starting on one side at the free edge, file towards that line.
3. Repeat on the other side.
4. soften the tip to desired shape

Seems easy enough - NOT! My nails are not perfectly curved so it made this rather difficult for me. Here is what it looks like:

It looks like it isn't even because of the way my nails curve. Admittedly it was a bit more almond shaped than this, but I softened the tip a bit more. I just don't know if I can commit to this look. Fortunately since this is my thumb, I think I can get away with not doing this to all my nails and growing this out.

On a side note, a co-worker discovered Nail Tek II a few months ago and swears by it. I never tried it because if something works, I see no point in changing it, and I swear by Nail Magic. But her nails grew so fast and looked so good, I decided I would give it a go when I saw Nail Tek II for $4.99 at Ross in a combo pack. Here are my nails on November 22nd, the day I started using Nail Tek II:

Here they are today after one attempt to turn them into almond shaped nails on Thanksgiving morning and then a second filing yesterday. I can not believe how fast they are growing. I always thought that it was what you were ingesting that could make a difference, but my nails are growing like weeds. I am slowly going back to my square shape as you can see here, I just don't think this rounded nail thing is for me. I am still wanting to give it a go, but when I filed them down, instinct started taking over so I have squovals for now. 

What nail shape do you wear and what's your favorite maintenance product?

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  1. OOOh I may want to give Nail Tek a try. Wow.

  2. I really like the almond shape on your thumb! I'm deciding on keeping shorties or growing mine wayyy long and then filing them like Rihanna's super pointy ones

  3. L I was thinking of you when I did this post! I figured maybe that would help you out before you plunge back into getting your nails did. :)Check Ross, I got it for $4.99 there.

  4. Scandalous - I don't think I could sport the Stiletto Nails. I would probably poke my eye out. Her's are enhancements though. If you google it you can actually see the difference from her real nails to the fake. So you could always go get them done! That is what I miss about doing my nails - I could be long and pointy one day and short and stubby the next. And the designs I used to do. Sometimes I am tempted to start doing them again so I can have that fun!

  5. Thanks, M. That is what I miss the most too about doing my nails like that.

  6. I think my nail shape is always "squoval"! lol

  7. Wow! I may have to check out my local Ross for NailTek:)

  8. My favorite nail shape is a squoval. Squares were way to harsh for my nails and ovals way too soft. But I swear by Sally Hansen's new-ish treatment line. I used the one for nails that break. It's not for growth but it keeps my nails from breaking so I can grow them. :)

  9. I broke a nail so I am trying this today.. Although, they are really short!